Home Folder not mapped after reboot

By bboudreaux ·
I have a laptop user who is setup in Active Directory with a Home Folder pointing to a Network Share. After a reboot, her Home Folder doesn't map, but then after a logon it maps just fine. This user can logoin to other machines and her Home Folder maps Ok too.

I'm looking for some help finding the Logon process where the laptop gets involved with getting the Home Folder mapping.

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Try This

by Wizard-09 In reply to Home Folder not mapped af ...

Make sure that the drive is set to remap at log on, also try this below bat file script

@echo off

net use x: \\server\share\folder /persistent:yes

this should keep the drive mapped also.

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Temporary workaround

by bboudreaux In reply to Try This

Thanks for the suggestion "T"....I actually configured a persistent drive connection for her as a temorary solution. This is working for her, but it doesn't resolve the Home Folder mapping problem.

I need to find the laptop component/service/etc. that may be failing or timing out......

Any other ideas?

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Drive Letter

by Wizard-09 In reply to Temporary workaround

Make sure the drive letter is the same as the drive letter mapped to her AD account if not update it could also try that, maybe also reset the SC (sercure channel) to the server from the workstation maybe also put a pause in the script to see were it might be going wrong if it even is?

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