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    Home Folder Problem


    by quincyver2.005 ·

    Out of 300 users, I have about 10-15 where there home folder doesn’t properly map. When they log in, they see EVERYONE’S user folder. While they can’t access these folders, they have to browse to there particular folder to access it. I thought it was a rights issue but sometimes they can log in just fine and the home folder is mapped without error. Of course this cause’s an issue with items such as accessing pst files in the home directory and other such apps since the directory isn’t mapped correctly (which is how they notice there is a problem during that login). Any ideas??????? (Windows Server 2003, WinXP desktops)

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      by quincyver2.005 ·

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      Check User properties

      by jellimonsta ·

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      Have you verified the properties of the ‘Home folder’ in the ‘Profile’ tab of the afflicted user in AD Users and Computers?

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        User properties confirmed

        by quincyver2.005 ·

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        Each user affected has the correct path specified in their profile tab in AD Users and Computers. Keep in mind, the problem does not occur at each login. The user can often times log in and out multiple times and then find that the home folder is correctly mapped. Strange but true. Also, this isn’t happening for just one user. Out of 300 users, it occurs for about 10-15 users. These users don’t appear to have anything in common either (groups, scripts, etc.)

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          Switch port?

          by jellimonsta ·

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          Are these users plugged into a Cisco switch? If so, have you verified the port they plug into have portfast enabled?
          If they are booting up in under 30 seconds and logging in, if they are not on a portfast enabled port, they will be logging into cached mode and not get mapped drives.

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          HP Switch

          by quincyver2.005 ·

          In reply to Switch port?

          I’m wondering if our HP switch has a similar feature…..I’ll have to check this out, thank you. I’ll report back what I find!

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          Simple test

          by jellimonsta ·

          In reply to HP Switch

          Are these laptops, or desktops? If they are laptops that could very well be the case as they may be powered up at time of login attempt.
          I believe the HP switches do a have ‘spanning-tree-fast’ command or similar.
          You can test by plugging in the device and logging in, if it gets drives right away, that is most likely not the culprit.
          If it doesn’t, try unplugging, them plugging in, but giving it more than 30 seconds.

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      How are you mapping?

      by kenone ·

      In reply to Home Folder Problem

      Are you using a login script or just mapping network drives on the PC’s?

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        Login Scripts

        by quincyver2.005 ·

        In reply to How are you mapping?

        We’re using login scripts (BAT files to be exact) to get the users to certain shares. The home folder is directed using the account in AD.

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