Home folder redirect on Server2003 SE

By todd ·
I think I asked this some time ago in a 3-part question, and this part never really got answered. So I'll try to be more specific...

If I set up home folder redirection for a few users, knowing that it will slow down their startup and shutdown, will that make their Outlook email, settings, and contacts available when they log in from a different computer? This is without an Exchange server, Outlook on the local PCs download email online from a Pop3 server. Microsoft states Application Data is redirected, but doesn't specify exactly what application data, since there are a couple App Data folders (Are both redirected?)
Thanks for any help! TC

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Not Exactly

by jszivos In reply to Home folder redirect on S ...

A home folder is just a dedicated drive mapping for a user.

You need to store App Data on a network share. This can be accomplished through two ways:
1. Roaming profiles
2. Redirect AppData

1. Roaming Profiles are easier to implement, but slow down log on/off and commonly become corrupted. You can make a profile roaming, by setting the profile path in AD to \\server\folder\%username%
2. Redirecting AppData slows down the Applications that use AppData, such as Outlook, but if you are on a fast network then the delay is insignificant. Redirects tell the session to use the network share instead of a local folder. Setup folder redirections by changing HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\AppData to \\server\folder\%username%\Application Data

Redirecting User Shell Folders (such as AppData) can also be accomplished through Group Policies, which is easier than scripting/manually changing User Shell Folders.

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