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    Home Internet


    by stephen.berry ·

    At home I have my 56k internet connection. Recently I went to Outlook from Outlook Express and have had trouble connecting and finding web sites since. Last night I ran scandisk and restored the winsock.dll, wsock.vxd, wsock2.vxd, and a couple others that I can’t remember. I have a stupid restore disk from Compaq and don’t have a full blown win98 cd. Anyways, after I restored the files, I connected fine a couple of times, disconnected, opened Outlook offline and it gave me a message, it said:

    There is a conflict with Outlook and another program, etc. Do you want Outlook to fix this for you.

    At first I clicked NO, and restarted Outlook, but the message came back. I talked with my ISP and they talked me into clicking yes.

    I would like to fix this issue, or at least get the message back (I can’t) so I know my settings are fixed. (Thanks Microsoft!!!)

    Also, MS won’t help, it’s an OEM product !!!

    I’ll give 2000 points to fix, 500 to get the message back.

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      Home Internet

      by calves ·

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      Go to Outlook select Tools, options, mail services, reconfigure mail support, and select corporate and workgroup. Once it’s done, go to IE select Tools, Internet Options, programs and check all that apply.
      Go back to Outlook, tools, services, properties of Internet email, connection, select I’ll stablish my connection manually.
      After all that, you should reboot the machine…
      Good luck!

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