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    Home Internet


    by stephen.berry ·

    At home I have my 56k internet connection. Recently I went to Outlook from Outlook Express and have had trouble connecting and finding web sites since. Last night I ran scandisk and restored the winsock.dll, wsock.vxd, wsock2.vxd, and a couple others that I can’t remember. I have a stupid restore disk from Compaq and don’t have a full blown win98 cd. Anyways, after I restored the files, I connected fine a couple of times, disconnected, opened Outlook offline and it gave me a message, it said:
    There is a conflict with Outlook and another program, etc. Do you want Outlook to fix this for you.

    At first I clicked NO, and restarted Outlook, but the message came back. I talked with my ISP and they talked me into clicking yes.

    I wouldlike to fix this issue, or at least get the message back (I can’t) so I know my settings are fixed. (Thanks Microsoft!!!)

    Also, MS won’t help, it’s an OEM product !!!

    I’ll give 2000 points to fix, 500 to get the message back.

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      Home Internet

      by guy ·

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      Firstly, I am heartened that your Internet connection works, that’s the one that gives the most trouble.

      Secondly Outlook has loads of menu’s and settings. I would start with the Tools Menu then Accounts, check your ISP dial-up, properties, maybe remove any Fax options, or unwanted ISP dial-up. Next I would look at the Import tab. You can also Import files, settings from Outlook Express from the main FILE Menu Import /Export. Finally, have you tried Outlooks own Help menu? The Troubleshooting section is interactive, and may help you solve this problem.

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        Home Internet

        by stephen.berry ·

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        This did not do anything, everything is already set correctly.

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      Home Internet

      by al hedstrom ·

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      The conflict is between the two programs. I suggest:
      1. Return to Outlook Express, File menu, Import/Export. Export all your information to a .pst file in a location other than the suggested default.
      2. Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programsand get rid of Outlook Express.
      3. Fire up Outlook, File menu, Import/Export and import the .pst file. You may get dupes, but that’s better than losing your info.

      Good luck.

      Al Hedstrom

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