Home IP CCTV Cameras Not Showing on Network

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Hi - I have 3 x Uniview Dome cameras on the outside of my property hardwired via Cat5 back into a patch panel. The NVR they were connected too suffered a HDD failure. I've now replaced with a Synology 1218NVR which I've installed on the network successfully.

Although the 3 ports on my switch are showing a live connection for the 3 cameras, I cannot see them on the network via Advanced IP Scanner or via my router. I am therefore unable to complete installation of them onto the NVR.

Is there any advice you can offer as to how I go about getting the cameras visible on the network as I'm at a loss on next steps. They have all previously worked fine with no issue.

Thank you

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It's unclear

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Home IP CCTV Cameras Not ...

You state it worked fine but it's unclear what changed. You lead with the change of the NVR but later tell us it worked fine before but before what?

I'm going to GUESS it has NEVER WORKED with the new NVR.

Now before I go on I will reveal I was an engineer for both analog and IP based DVR and then NVR systems. Not an installer but part of the engineering team and never tech support.

So my suspicion is the cameras are incompatible, the NVR and camera IPs have not been assigned or there is a wiring/cable plant issue.

There is no step by step for such work. It still takes at least a beginner IT staff level of knowledge to install and setup these systems.

-> Mix and match and then you find incompatibilities.

If you feel sure the cables and IP assignments are working then ask the NVR maker if these cameras are compatible.

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