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I have 3 Tp-Link routers in the LAN. Each has a unique IP. Example= ??? . ??? . 40 . 1 through ??? . ??? . 40 . 3

My issue is that I can access the internet from each router, however, I cannot ping the 40 . 3 router from the other two.

All routers are cabled together with 40 . 1 being the primary.

Any thoughts?
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I'm just an old networker.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Home LAN

Pings across such LANs are problematic since the 192.168.x.x space is considered non-routable. Source (many):

So for this to work your routers would either just work (luck) or you begin a course in routing. Some new to this get upset that there is yet to be a "do this" answer (I do have one below) to fix the routing tables. But as there are some thousands of router models and not all allow routing table work, this is usually a dead end with an upset client.

-> That said, why isn't this a single LAN? For me I set my extra routers up as WAPs (wireless access points) and don't have to invest time into tables and when the router is a P.O.C. seeing if I can install some Open Source Router Firmware.

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