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Home net 2PCs,ADSL USB connection

By george ·
adsl usb AND 2 pcS WITH WIN98se
Hello all.
here are the facts:
I have:2 PCs with Win98SE,ADSL USB Alcatel ,2 linksys phonenet(2 Network PCI cards,and crossover cat5 cable.)I had it connected with my 56 internal modem on one PC and it was all working(i think).
Anyway now i have the ADSL connection and i have the USB modem(or should i call it router?).I want to set it all up from scratch so please advise me for the following:
1.Can i set up the above and also have the firewall setup so that it protects both pcs?
2.Do i need to buy some hub or switch,or is it all possible with what i have?
3.What would be the best option to create the network i described?Should i go for something else?How much it would cost?
4.Please take intoaccount that i am not very good with computers,and i have litlle tech knowhow.
5.I also tried to use ICS from windows but with no luck.propably something with the USB modem that is incompatible?If you have any advise on that ,is welcome.
6.VPN is it an option for me?I have only 2 PCs .
Please include in your answer as much detail as possible ,especially on how to set up the ip addresses and what protocols to use .I hope i make some sense .Anyway thanks for your time,best regards

Comment from george@soilis.freeserve.co.uk on 6/4/02:
I am also running Zoneallarm that is not my problem.My question was about how to set up a network using my 2 pcs and the USB modem i have for adsl connection
I repeatedly tried to set upthe ICS with no result.Also all other efforts failed as i am not very good with networking and i read a lot of stuff that all that managed to do is confuse me more.
So what i am looking for is a detailed how-to set up the home net i described with2 win98 pcs one of them connected to adsl USB modem.Thats all there is to it.As for the firewall i expect that ZA will do .So please dont answer me about that.

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Home net 2PCs,ADSL USB connection

by george In reply to Home net 2PCs,ADSL USB co ...

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Home net 2PCs,ADSL USB connection

by Alpha-Male In reply to Home net 2PCs,ADSL USB co ...

This is a series of questions that has *volumes* written about it, so I'll give basic answers then point you to a few sites that may help.

1) Sure you can. There are many ways this can be accomplished...with both software and hardware solutions.

2) You will need a hardware or software "DSL Router" - either a box like is offered by Linksys, Netgear, etc or you'll need to set up software that will create a virtual router on one of your machines.

3) You can get the DSL routers at a range of prices. $100-150 seems average. I'd venture $50 on Ebay. You can take a look under Hubs, Routers and Switches here on CNET for product reviews, etc.
(make sure to delete any spaces in the URL)
This is a fairly simple, inexpensive and efficient way to set up your LAN/Share your internet connection.

4) These are really designed for "home users" and you should be up and running in no time. Perhaps in the reviews watch for ones that are "easy to configure" and well documented. I seem to recall I heard really good things about the Linksys products for simplicity/easy of use.

5) It also may be that the Alcatel uses PPPOE and it may be causing some issues...
You may want to take a look at MS Tech Support site and search under ICS, PPPOE, DSL for Win 98.

6) You *can* set up a VPN. I'm not sure why you need it, but if you give me more details I'll try to point you in the right direction.

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Home net 2PCs,ADSL USB connection

by Alpha-Male In reply to Home net 2PCs,ADSL USB co ...

The protocol you'll use is TCP/IP. The router will offer you details on setting up your IP addresses (probably through NAT which will offer a very basic degree of protection to your internal machines. They'll have private IP addresses and only the public interface on the router will be visible to the outside world). This is NOT a full blown firewall, but it's a start. Almost certainly your ISP will be providing you with a dynamic address that the router will grab via DHCP. Typically what you'llhave is your ISP's addy assigned and then internal non-routable addresses on the private interface (10.0.0.x or 192.168.x.x typically).

Here's a couple of web sites that offer a lot of information. Again, delete any spaces in the URL.



Good Luck!

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