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By flex101fm ·
Ive got a 2 mb adsl line running through a 4 port router. What I want to achive is a private network between 3 machines, a laptop running xp, a desktop running 2000 which I would like 2 use as a sort of server as its got the most storage, and another desktop running 98se but will be upgrading soon. The router is shared and one of the ports will be going to another desktop which doesnt need 2 be networked or have access to any of the files on the other machines. Thanks in advance Dan.

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by jonno112 In reply to Home network

It sounds like you have everything you need your router will give out ip addresses once the other computers are plugged in(DHCP).

1 Create the shares on your server.
2 Map the drives to your server. (if you had 2000 or server 2k3 you could create a batch file to load the drives) Also when mapping drives don't use the next available drive after the hardware C D E F whatever it may be, because it messes with your usb devices so map from Z down.

As for the system you don't want to have access to the shared files just don't map the drives on that system.

I hope this helps

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by campbelltaylor In reply to Home network

If your 4th machine doesn't need to be networked or access files on any of the other machines then why would you plug it into the router?

If its so that you can access the Internet perhaps then you could always look at having 2 network ranges one that is DHCP'd from the router (prob in teh 192.168.x.x range and tehn you could assign a static ip to teh 4th machine perhaps in the 10.1.1.x range?

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by Gigelul In reply to Home network

1. Setup/configure your router
- check how you'll receive an IP from your ISP: DHCP, static IP, PPTP client, automaticlly IP (PPPoE) and setup your router
- setup an private IP (same IP clase and subnet mask address like your future network) on your router (this IP will be the gateway IP for your networked PCs)
- depends by the router model/type you'll have to setup more (DHCP for LAN, DNS for LAN, etc.)
2. Setup/configure your PCs LAN connection
- if the router have a DHCP builtin server and if it was configured, setup the TCP/IP options to automatically. If not, set manualy an static IP (different for each PC) from the same IP class like router's private IP, same subnet mask address, the gateway IP (router's IP)
- setup the PCs to the same workgroup name
- share resources to "server"
3. Three PCs needed to have access every one to the others/Internet and the fourth PC (I assume) only to the internet.
Because of that, you must setup one/three user account/s (username and passwords). Each created account must be defined on all three PCs (you need this for access to shares, printers, etc. and to protect from accesses made by the fourth PC)
The fourth PC needed to have the same LAN configuration, in order to be able to access the Internet and no any new user account.

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by Gigelul In reply to

For the fourth PC you can setup in LAN configuration a different workgroup for better protection.

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WiFi LAN +Double Firewall +Internet Proxy

by web.accs In reply to Home network

WiFi LAN +Double Firewall +Internet Proxy

Purchase the following:
1 x Router/Hub (Wireless-for Laptop Use)
1 x LAN Adaptor-USB or NIC
(Extra, For Your Internet PC)

You will then have:

1 x Broadband Router/Firewall

1 x Internet Proxy PC
+2 x LAN Adaptors

1 x Wireless Router/Firewall

2 x LAN PC
1 x Laptop
+1 x LAN Adaptor each

Here's a rough sketch on the connections:

[PC1] [PC2] [LAPTOP]
| | |
| | |

Use the extra Wireless/router as a Residential Gateway to Isolate your LAN from your Internet Connection.

Your '4th' Internet Only PC becomes as a single Shared Internet Gateway/Proxy PC

Your LAN will be Isolated,Firewalled & Secured 'SEPERATELY' from your Internet Connection(PC/Broadband Router/Firewall)

All Devices can access the Internet using the,'Use Proxy' IP Address Settings instead of direct access to Broadband router.(Much easier & More secure)

You should only need one installation of Security Software(On The Internet PC)
** If you add the second LAN adaptor & set up the routers correctly
(Passwords,Port Access, IP Addresses etc.)

Upgrade/Update Pc's & Enable File sharing on your LAN but not outside or past the Wireless Router/Res.Gateway.

WiFi LAN +Double Firewall +Internet Proxy

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