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By chris.parry ·
I am trying to set up a home network using 2 pcs running XP pro. One, the host has a DLink PCI 10/100 card and the over has an Intel m/board (8020) with on board ethernet. I am using a cat 5 cable. I ran network set up wizard from both computers and everything seems to be working but I can't ping either computer from the other or see them in network places. Any suggestions where I am going wrong

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by bigkenny In reply to Home network

are using a cross over cable? if not you need one
use ip address pc1
subnet mask
subnet mask

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Home network

first, get a link light on both computers. no? try crossover cable as suggested. or try locking down NIC media types both pc's to 10mb half duplex. yes? check to make sure network connection to each other is not firewalled. and try static ip addresses on both. if you have internet router make sure it's ip address is on same subnet and is set up as gateway address on other computers.
use the network wizard. it will walk you thru.

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by SFHSGrad00 In reply to Home network

Make sure both systems either have automatic ip addressing, or specify an ip address yourself. make sure when you specify your own, that the only digits in the address that are different are the last 3. make sure that the Workgroup is the same. Also, make sure you are using a cross over cable, unless you have a hub or a switch that the systems are connected to.

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by irenevazquez_hm In reply to Home network

If you're not using a hub you'll need a cross-over cable. If you are using a hub but left that detail out, you should get a link light on the ports you have the cables plugged into. I have bought new manufactured cables that don't work.

Anytime a NIC is properly connected to a hub or another computer you will have a link light to indicate. The NIC card will have a link light, the integrated port may not.

Start there. If all checks out then verify the IP addresses and subnet mask are configured for the same subnetwork.. Auto address assignment should make this a no-brainer.

If that's all OK verify sharing is on. Happy hunting.

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