Home network - can share using ethernet but not wireless

By dana803 ·
I have a home network where I've added and removed various machines over time and usually don't have problems with sharing files and printers over the network. I'm using a Linksys router. The 2 machines I'm currently running use XP Pro and XP Home. When I have them connected to the router via ethernet, I can share files and the printer without a problem. I use the laptop most often and I do use that one wirelessly sometimes. But, when I do, the computers can't see each other, and therefore can't share files or the printer. I have confirmed that my wireless connection is attached to my own router and not someone else's in the area. Is there a setting on my wireless nic that I need to make or a setting on my router? Thanks!

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803 is the laptop a member of the same workgroup

by CG IT In reply to Home network - can share ...

If not that might be your problem.

Here is a Microsoft article [part 1 of 8 parts] on how to setup a home network. The steps are required regardless if the connections are wired or wireless.

If your connected via wireless, then your on the local network along with the other machines. If you laptop is part of the workgroup the other machines belong to, you should see the shared resources in My Network Places.

It's possible that a firewall might be blocking file and printer sharing. Check with your firewall software maker on configuring it to allow file and printer sharing.

Microsoft How to article:

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And have you configured the Linksys Router

by OH Smeg In reply to Home network - can share ...

Which I'm assuming is a WiFi Router to share a connection between the Wireless and Wired sides?

If not these will be treated as Separate Networks and not be visible to each other.


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