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Home Network---Need to get out to dsl th

By drongsha ·
Here is the problem. I bought a hub, and a second NIC for the one computer. I have everything installed. Both computers can see each other when using Network Neighborhood. The one computer is configured for the DSL line, and I want the other computer on the network to use the same IP for connecting to the DSL line as well. I am running windows 2000 pro on both, and have enabled IP sharing. It still does not work. Any ideas on what might be wrong and how to fix it.

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This was how I did it.

by mrafrohead In reply to Home Network---Need to ge ...

This was what I did to make it work for me...

It was using three PC's, a hub and a cable modem.

Cable modem to PC1 Nic1.
Pc1 Nic2 to hub.
Pc2 and pc3 to hub.

Enable internet connection sharing on Pc1 Nic1.
That will automatically set Pc1Nic 2 to

Make sure that your other computers connected to the hub are configured to dhcp.

Also for me I added NetBeui so I could also access the other computers.

Hope this helps... Any questions, let me know.


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Here is how I shared my cable modem

by bbarthol In reply to Home Network---Need to ge ...

The cable comes out of the wall to a firewall >>
The firewall is then cabled to a wireless LAN router
Each of my PCs have a wireless LAN card in them

The IP address that the cable company gave me is now the IP address of the router

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Check your firewall?

by Richard.McKinney In reply to Here is how I shared my c ...


I set mine up just like "mrafrohead": My 10bT NIC is on my Cable Modem; assigned as DHCP (from the Cable Co). 100bT NIC is on the home LAN hub. Other machines are set to DHCP. Activate connection sharing on the 10bT NIC. I set the Home LAN systems manually to the DNS at the cable Co, although I'm not sure that's necessary. The only issue I had was that my Firewall software on the Connection-Sharing machine denyed the other machines out -- Check that on yours.

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You can also try a proxy server

by JimHM In reply to Home Network---Need to ge ...

You can also get a proxy server software -

Set it up this way -

Cable / DSL modem to the Link port of your hub.

Nic1-PC1 - Set to the Cable/DSL connection
Nic2-PC1 - Set for internal IP addressing

Nic1-PC2 - Set for internal IP addressing

Set Browser up for Proxy access...

Number of ways around the problem - you go a wide choice of solutions.

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by iebfr14 In reply to Home Network---Need to ge ...

Get sygate's internet sharing software. It works great and is free. It lets multiple computers access the internet using DHCP so the web only sees one address.

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by chipw In reply to Home Network---Need to ge ...

The client machines need to have their gateway set to the ip address of the pc connected to the modem. I have this setup - wall to modem, modem to pc1, 7 pc's to hub. pc1 has two nics, 1 to hub and the other to modem. pc1 is a firewall, router, natdbox for the home network. pc1 has gateway set to the isp's gateway, all other pc's have gateway set to pc1.

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