Home Network Printer problems

By Big Daddy 11 ·
I have a home tower with Windows 2000 Pro and a laptop with Windows XP which uses a Linksys wireless router. Everything worked fine until I recently had to scrub my laptop's hard drive. Now the printer doesn't work when I attempt to print from the laptop. It still works with the tower. I installed the printer driver from HP's website and it doesn't work. There are two possible problems I see. When I use the Install Wizard to install the printer driver, it says it is looking for the printer at LPT1 and can't find it but I told the wizard that the printer is not connected directly to the laptop. It offers me several other ports to look for the printer. The other possibility is that the tower might not be seeing the laptop as part of the network. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sean Carroll
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Try the Network Setup Wizard!

by mikesty In reply to Home Network Printer prob ...

Assuming you're on XP on the laptop, goto my network places and hit "Set up a home or small office network" on thy left. Follow through with that stuff and it should hook you up with whatever else is on the LAN and in that workgroup.

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can you see the printer on win2k pc from netwark?

by fwang In reply to Home Network Printer prob ...

First, you have to share the printer on win2k pc. Then you should be able to see it under:

My network Places => Microsoft Widows Network => <Your workgroup> => <Win2kpc> => <win2k printer>

Double click the printer will install it on your xp laptop (you can first delete all installed printers from your xp box).

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No ping reply

by Big Daddy 11 In reply to can you see the printer o ...

I used the networking troubleshooter and it says that it pinged my IP address and it failed. Could that be my problem? How can I correct the IP?

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some things

by w2ktechman In reply to Home Network Printer prob ...

First, make sure that you have a connection between systems.
Also, make sure that the printer is shared out
then you should know where the problem is. If you connect to the shares on the other system, then a window should open with any folders/printers shared. Double click on the printer to start the setup.

If the connection is not made, then you need to check to see why not. Is a firewall on either system? Are they blocking the traffic? Is your IP range correct? is there a problem with the router, maybe it needs rebooted? does it work with a lan cable instead of wireless? are you receiving an autoconfig IP address with no gateway/DNS or are you receiving an IP from your router.
Please post back with more info.

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Problem Solved - Thank You!

by Big Daddy 11 In reply to some things

Thank you to everyone who responded to my question. Problem solved!!

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