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By AmusewareMan ·
Since I'm kind of network-challenged, I hope this is not too basic.

I have a land-line with DSL connected to a Westell 327W router providing wireless service to two computers in my home office. I would like to place a computer in an outbuilding but it's too far away for wireless. The outbuilding has the same landline connection, and I have a 2nd 327W that I could use. But the 2nd 327W conflicts somehow with the first.

I've searched Google for answers but usually the answers are too technical for my feeble brain? Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

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by tmalo627 In reply to Home network problem

Is this building all on the same phone lines and power lines?

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re: Outbuilding?

by AmusewareMan In reply to Outbuilding?
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Try this

by tmalo627 In reply to re: Outbuilding?

Netgear (and I'm sure other manufacturers) makes a line of products that carries your network signal through your power lines. Plug one into a wall socket near your modem or router. Connect the ethernet cable to each. Plug the other into a wall socket near your computer and connect the ethernet cable with each at that end. Works fairly simple. No configuration to set up. Just make sure it plugs directly into the wall and not a surge protector or any other kind of power strip.

This link will take you to their site so you can compare the different types of products they have and you can choose which one will be best for what you're trying to do.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Hope this helps.

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That will work unless

by IC-IT In reply to Try this

There is a seperate electrical main and or fuse/circuit panel.

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Here's an idea.

by Forum Surfer In reply to Home network problem

Okay, why do you have the need for a networked outhouse? Is this another iToilet thread??

Seriously, you probably have a one ip address restriction on your DSL account. That would mean you can put the router on either line, but not both at the same time. Call your DSL provider and explain your issue, they will more than likely say you can only have one router on one line at the time.

You?ll more than likely need to run a cat 5e line from your house to another switch in the outhouse. Save yourself a few bucks, the price difference for cat 6 isn't worth it as cat 5e will run gig with little issue. If worse comes to worse use wireless with outdoor repeaters.

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you could look into

by Snuffy09 In reply to Home network problem

a wifi signal booster or a higher power wireless router. deppends on how bad you need to surf the net from your outhouse.

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