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Home network troubles

By Shanghai Sam ·
I?m having problems getting my 3-computer home network set up. I?ve been using J Helmig?s site and zdnet for help, but I still have questions. There are still some things I?m going to try before asking more technical questions, but I do have some basic questions.

I have a cable modem that has both a USB and an Ethernet port, my main computer with USB and a single 10/100 ethernet NIC, and a 4-port 10T hub. I?ve been using my USB connection with a fixed TCP/IP address allowing me access to our university?s LAN from home. My main computer and a laptop have Windows XP Pro. I was planning to have my main computer serve as the gateway, with a USB connection to the cable modem, and an Ethernet connection to the hub for my local network.

1. Is this mixture of USB and Ethernet OK, or do I need to buy another Ethernet card?

2. After I bought the 10T hub I found out about a 10/100 switch from somewhere else that I could have gotten for a little less. The salesman at the first place told me that a 10T hub was all I?d ever need for home use (I can?t imagine needing more than 10MB/s), and I believed him. Is that so, or are there other considerations (I?ll be using the local net mainly for file and printer sharing and internet)?

3. My ISP allows only one connection with only one computer, and if I want to switch computers, I have to wait several hours with the modem disconnected. I originally thought with the local network that I was planning that my local net would be ?invisible? to the ISP, providing me multiple internet access through a single connection. I?ve read from an earlier set of Q & A, however, that that is not the case. The person recommended a cable router to connect directly to the hub to make my local net invisible to the ISP. Will my earlier vision of a local net work, should I buy a cable router or are there better suggestions?

I appreciate any help I get.


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Home network troubles

by Dr.Dave In reply to Home network troubles

Please don't answer this, because it is a copy of my previous question (doesn't appear on my questions asked, because it appears as user deleted for some reason).

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