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Hey everyone.

I've got 2 Windows XP machines here on my home network, both running Windows XP Pro. I'm actually getting them ready for a friend of mine. She's going to use a new machine I built for her as her main machine, and her old system I'm turning into a shared media server.

So what I've done so far, is got her old computer, downloaded and installed Windows Media Player 11, transfered all her songs to her My Music folder, went to her Monitored Folders list in Windows Media Player 11 and confirmed My Music as a location, and clicked ok to re-search that folder and add all of her songs. Worked perfectly as it should.

Now the issue. I turn on Windows Media Sharing, and set the sharing to Music and Videos, unchecked pictures, and set all star ratings, and all content ratings to be shown. However, in the "Share my media to:" field, there is no computers or devices. On my network here, there is my main machine, her new computer, and her old computer I'm sharing the media off of. My machine and her new machine can't see her computer in the left panel in Windows Media Player 11, and her old computer [Shared Media Computer] can't see my computer or her new computer in the "Share my media to:" list. Therefore I have nothing to "Allow" or "Deny" or "Configure".

When I transfer her two computers to her house and wire them in, I'd like for the media server to be able to share Windows Media to her new computers Windows Media Player, the downstairs computers Windows Media Player 11 on XP Professional, and the Xbox 360 downstairs.

My roommate next to me [on another IP address] uses his PC and shares media to his Xbox 360. That works flawlessly.

Please let me know if I've missed something incredibly obvious, or if there's no way to share Windows Media Player 11 content to another Windows Media Player 11 library on the same network.


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The reason is probably due to DRM issues,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Home Network - Windows Me ...

WMP 11 is a bigger pain than 10, can't help you really.

Format the HDD and reinstall OS that includes WMP 9 and don't allow upgrades.

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by link470 In reply to The reason is probably du ...

But 11 is the one with Media Sharing. That's the point of why I'm here.

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Sorry, not really looked into this before, however it won't work

by ComputerCookie In reply to But...

unless your using an appropriate device or at least one Vista machine. WMP 11 help file extract!

"What equipment do I need?
To share your media, you need the following hardware and software:

A wired or wireless home network. For details, see What are the network and firewall requirements?

Either a device known as a networked digital media player (sometimes called a digital media receiver) or another computer running Windows Vista. Networked digital media players are hardware devices that connect to your wired or wireless network and allow you to browse and play content from your Windows Media Player library?even if your computer is in another room. For a list of compatible devices, see the PlaysForSure Web site."

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Any update

by philip.rundle In reply to Home Network - Windows Me ...

Hi, having same iss. Did you get this resolved or is it true that M/S disabled the ability of Media Player 11 to allow Xp to XP Sharing ?

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Chuck WMP out the nearest window - it's cr@p. Instead -

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Any update

Go through the same procedures but using WinAMP.

It'll work.

(It works for me.)

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