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    Home Network – Wired – Wireless


    by sandrozahra ·

    I have a network of 2 pc at home (one connected via cable to the router and a laptop is connected via wireless to the router) connected to a Linksys WRT54G Router.

    The problem is to transfer files between computers;
    When i try to transfer a file the system tells me that the network path is not accessable availble but if i connect the laptop via wire instead of a wireless connection everything works perfectly without doing any settings.

    Please note the follwoing;
    The internet works good
    i have no firewall active
    about a month ago everything was working perfectly.

    can anyone help please?


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      try this…

      by khalidmajeed ·

      In reply to Home Network – Wired – Wireless

      dear first of all check ur router configurations.. try to check ur ACL.. see might be ur Laptop become block on specified wireless port… if don’t work try to ask more….
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      Network Engineer,
      PITB, Lahore, Pakistan.
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        Probably Windows

        by jrod86 ·

        In reply to try this…

        XP has proven somewhat problematic in terms of home networking. Have you setup a network share and that is what it can’t find? If you disconnect the persistent share and map it manually does it work?

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      May be router firmware

      by rick.fitch ·

      In reply to Home Network – Wired – Wireless

      Perhaps the file(s) you are trying to transfer now are much larger than a month ago?
      The WRT54G v2 and v3 routers had a bug that caused it to reset or choke when transfering large files from a wireless computer to a wired computer. Get the latest fireware update from and your problem will probably go away.

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      Can you?

      by slam5 ·

      In reply to Home Network – Wired – Wireless

      Hi, get a command prompt for going to Run, type in CMD in the box. A command prompt will now open. Now type in “ping 192.168.x.x” where x.x is the last two part of the ip address of your labtop. I presume you start the ip address from or Does it come back with reply from the other machine saying that TTL=xx ms? Or does it time out? You can determine the ip add. by running cmd on the other machine but type in “ipconfig” instead. The other possibility is that your laptop is associated with your neighbour’s wireless connection instead of yours. Do you’ve ANY security implemented on either machine or your router? WPA, WEP? Do you have XP SP2 running at all? If so, you have a firewall running. It isn’t very good if you are not running any kind of security at all.

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      Have you tried Ad-hoc

      by dasec ·

      In reply to Home Network – Wired – Wireless

      Im very new to Wireless but there are 2 modes, Infrastructure and Ad-hoc. The default (on Dlink anyway) is Infrastructure. As far as I have read, to share 2 computers you must use Ad-hoc.

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        Reply To: Home Network – Wired – Wireless

        by veejays ·

        In reply to Have you tried Ad-hoc

        Infra settings is used when two PCs goes thru a router, and adhoc is used if it s P2P connecting, similar to getting two PCs connected with a crossed cable.

        But mind you Adhoc is normally slower than Infra.

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      No broadcast being sent

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Home Network – Wired – Wireless

      Setup a mapped drive to the IP address of the system and it will work just fine.

      The MS neighborhood sends out way too much noise, and I would bet this is just not being sent out. Not sure if it would be a windows patch or a firmware update that is stopping this all of a sudden or now, but it should never have been allowed in the first place.

      Let me know if the mapped drive fixes your problem or not. It is what I did.

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