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Home Network with Single ADSL Connection

By basketcase2002 ·
Hi All. Just looking for some advice because I'm just about to start wiring up my student house to network 4 PCs to share a single ADSL conection and was wondering what my setup options were. Personally, I'd prefer to use combined router/modem/switch/firewall hardware to connect the PCs to 1 side (Ethernet/Cat 5) and the ADSL line to the other, but my flatmates don't like the initial outlay for hardware.
The other option I've explored is using one machine as a proxy/Internet Gateway on the network and connecting the others to it through an Ethernet switch. Would this be a more cost-effective solution or is it likely to cause lots of issues compared with using an integrated router?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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by jschein In reply to Home Network with Single ...

Router / firewalls are cheap these days... 40-100 dollars for the home user. I've setup many d-link 604 / 614's for people and have had many buy them and install them themselves. Cost - 24.00 on

You could also buy one of their wireless firewall / routers and buy the wireless cards / nics per pc...

Only thing with the first option is you will have to run wire. 2nd option - higher cost - no wire.

Problem with sharing a pc as a gateway, you need 3rd party software to share the link if your system cannot do it or your isp blocks ICS. Also, if that pc is off, or breaks down so does your entire internet access...

Good luck

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by brian In reply to Home Network with Single ...

Absolutely, get a router. I agree that the D-Link equipment is very good. It is the best value for the money. The wireless is much more prone to difficulty but if you have laptops it is convenient. You can go anywhere and surf the net. I set these things up all the time (and get paid for it. I often use both at the same location. I actually use a wired router and feed that to a wireless router. It provides for a secure wireless network for sharing files and printers. The wireless connection is only for the wireless laptops to surf the internet. If you are in a high density college student housing environment you will likely have someone hack into your wireless. It is easy to break into even with the so called security of WEP. Don't think the wireless is secure for a minute. You should be able to get a regular wired router and 4 network cards for $50-$100. That is only $12.50- $25 each. If they don't want to pay that, I would lock up my deoderant and toothbrush.

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by Hiroyuki In reply to Home Network with Single ...

Now I am using Router/Firewall to share my xDSL sharing though I used to use a computer as Internet connection Server to do the same.

Windows 2000 and Windows XP (and Windows98?) has internet connection sharing function and what you need is two network cards in the same PC. One card for DSL and the other for share. Behind the server, put a hub(switching) and then go through each PCs. If prefer wireless, you can also use Wireless Access Point, connecting on HUB. (or Even direct connection to server) Of course, it is required to install wireless client card for each PC.

In this case, you don't need Proxy/DHCP and Windows do the all job well. Windows XP has Firewall as well. (if you call it is "firewall")

Still I prefer/recommend Router/Firewall like other guys said. Just an option.

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by wlbowers In reply to Home Network with Single ...

Get a Linksys BESFR41 and some wire and be done with it. It does everything you need. The wire in bulk is cheap. Buy crimpers and the ends and go for it.

Good Luck Lee

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