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Home network won't work

By ooskus ·
I have cable Internet through Comcast. There is a wireless router next to the cable modem. My downstairs computer picks up the wireless signal and it works well. The upstairs computer used to pick up the signal and worked well, too. Then I added a network key to secure the network from outsiders. The upstairs computer stopped receiving a signal. Nothing I have done since made it work again. I set up the upstairs computer EXACTLY like the downstairs one. I removed the software, reinstalled it, but no luck. Please - any help? THis thing is driving me nuts.

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by dustyD In reply to Home network won't work

Try deleting the connection upstairs, and then reestablish. Does it see the wireless network? Is Windows set to manage wireless connections? Has upstairs been updated with SP2?

Remove encryption until you have connection both places again, then try again to establish security.

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by glinksystems In reply to Home network won't work

Why not trying to reset your router to factory settings and start over. Its a good idea to write down the key that you generated also the ssid if you changed it. This information is needed if you turned off broadcasting of your network in order to configure the pc at fault.

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by luiggi In reply to Home network won't work

If all your connections was working fine prior to this "NETWORK KEY" remove this network key. If the network key is in the wireless router remove it or you can reset the router back to default settings and start over. Check each computer by connecting streight in to the cable modem, verify you can surf the internet w/o problems this will take care of the computers. Install the wireless router with default setting and connect one computer at a time. If it works document all settings then procede to the next computer.

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by ooskus In reply to Home network won't work

Thank you for the responses. I removed the encryption, and ow the upstairs conenction works just fine. I'm going to have to live with that for a while; my daughter, whose computer it is, is moving to her own apartment early in 2005, and then I'll put the encryption back on.

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by wwwebster In reply to Home network won't work

So did you reconfigure the upstairs computer to use the network key that you defined? It will need to know the key. If so, are you sure you typed the key correctly when reconfiguring the upstairs computer to use it?

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