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By barbm.santos ·
I have an XP wired computer, a Dell Vista wireless notebook computer and have set up a home network with a Linksys wireless router.

My problem is that sometimes I can see the files I have designated to be shared from the XP computer on my notebook and sometimes I can't. I have no problem connecting to the internet, just to my shared files.

Why does this happen intermittently?

Thanks for any help. Barb

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Intermittent is a bit odd

by seanferd In reply to Home networking

Are any cables in good condition with good connections? <br>
Is there wireless interference? Check signal quality, maybe change channels/frequencies. I hope the wireless is secured and encrypted, so no one can horn in on your network. Anything that can otherwise cause interference nearby, like a cordless phone or base? <br><br>
There have been lots of issues with Vista seeing XP, even when XP could see Vista just fine. It sounds like you were alredy past that, but anyway: <br>
<br> Link-Layer Topology Discovery <br><br>
Try searching <i> vista can't see xp </i> on the 'net, there is a lot of stuff out there. There was a good discussion on CNet, I'll find it and add the link.

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Intermittent sharing problem

by barbm.santos In reply to Intermittent is a bit od ...

Thanks for your advice. I'll check out CNet to see what I can find. As I was posting my question, my connection to my main computer worked. However, right now it is not working again.

I do have a cordless phone in the house, but the base unit is far from my computers and was not in use at the time of my problem.

All cords are fine and connections are secure. Yes, I do have my wireless secure and encripted.

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Other stuff

by seanferd In reply to Home networking

Don't leave an iPod connected to any system. Strange, but apparently true (for many issues).
<br><br> <br>
I don't know if that is the same file as the one in the link I gave in my previous post.
Check your firewall settings, user account settings, Norton (or whomever) internet security suite. You need matching accounts on both machines, and firewalls, etc. must allow the connection.
Update the router firmware.
I couldn't find the discussion I recalled on CNet; there are lots of them, and the good ones are hard to find. I kept pulling up threads where moderators are getting a bit testy because the question has been asked so many times, and the posters aren't reading previous threads. Now the good ones are buried.
<br> This thread may have good pointers, including one about old AV software that didn't properly uninstall itself.
I hope something in here points you in the right direction. Because the problem is intermittent, I am betting on wireless connectivity or matching user accounts, if you use more than one.

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