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By yiuwing625 ·
I am trying to network 3 desktop computers.

1 running Windows XP Pro connected to the router with Cat 5.

2 running Windows 98 SE connected to the router with a wireless usb card.

All 3 computers are members of the same workgroup.
On the Windows 98 machines, I am unable to view the network. Can anyone help me out?


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Home networking

You need to share at least one item on each 98 unit and run the Network Setup Wizard that you made a floppy from when you ran it in the XP machine.

Provided the Wireless is working and configured properly it should be a simple matter to configure the LAN on a Simple Peer to Peer LAN. Just remember to enter the same Work Group name on each machine or they will each be in their own workgroups and not see each other.

Once this is done you'll need to go into the setup of the Wireless router and configure it to only allow these computers to access the Wireless connection or you may find that you have created a hot spot where unauthorized people can log onto the Internet through your Wireless connection and depending on your ISP contract may run up an excessive bill for you or do even worse things that could result in legal action against you.
If you currently do not have a wireless connection working you'll need to consult your wireless router manual and enter the Router setup procedure to make it possible to allow the machines to join in. Generally at the initial setup the connection is left wide open and then when the LAN is configured the Wireless side is tied down to prevent unauthorized access.

If you leave this as an open Hot Spot and someone downloads some Kiddy porn you will be responsible and will be facing the consequences for not securing your Wireless point properly.

This is a good case where an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of attempted cure after the event.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Home networking

first off i'd turn off the firewall on the windows xp box for a test (control panel/windows firewall.
can you ping the xp box from either wireless 98 box
if no, what is the result of this on the 98 box:
Start/Run <enter>
then at the command prompt: ipconfig <enter>
compare what you see here to what you see with same commands on xp box.
also, the Network Setup Wizard that hal refers to is on the XP box, see control panel. it help you create the floppy you run on the

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

...floppy you run on the windows 98 box.

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by jphifer In reply to Home networking

i have found that enabling netbui in win98 se will allow the win98 computers to be recognized

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by hozcanhan In reply to Home networking

yet another netbui ( netbios ) and wins issue . hint 3 was very good . Also you can do a search of computers at boot up buy using a script / batch .

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by JonathanPDX In reply to Home networking

One more thing...make sure your wireless router has the latest firmware update and that your wireless USB cards are using the latest drivers.

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by wlbowers In reply to Home networking

All machines in the same workgroup, TP range and Subnet Mask.

File sharing turned on on all machines.

User accounts on all machines.

Dissable the firewall until you get the network going. Then create exceptions and reinable the firewall.


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