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By km ·
Need a bit of help...i got 2 pc's, one with me the other with 2000. The one with me has broadband connection to it.

My question is, how do i connect the 2 up so that the 2000 pc also has broadband. I have use of a hub.

Thank you!!

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by house In reply to home networking

You can make use of the hub by requesting two public IP addresses from your ISP. You can hook up your modem to the hub, as well as your two computers.

An Ip that is offered from your isp is assigned to a device. If you had a router, you wouldn't need two IP's. Since you only have a hub, and it is only a physical layer device, you will need two addresses.

You could also consider Internet Connection Sharing on the 2000 machine. For this though, you will need to install an additional network card.
The 2000 link was removed, but the XP walkthrough is the same thing.

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by km In reply to home networking

at the moment one of the pc's is connected tio the net via the usb, and it also has a network card.
Is there any way of avoiding the 2nd ip address?

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by wolfman_20601 In reply to home networking

get a router from WAL-mart for about $30 or so and connect the braodband modem to it then using the ethernet ports on your systems connect to the router this will allow you to use the 1 modem on 2 systems...or connect 1 system via the USB port on the other via the ethernet port.

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by willcomp In reply to home networking

A proxy server is a fairly good option for your configuration. See link below for free software and instructions.


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by km In reply to

Nice one Dalton...the proxy software worked a treat

Thank you!

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by km In reply to home networking


This sounds like this may be the answer! LEt me give it a try and I'll get back to you



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by km In reply to home networking

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