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Home Networking architecture

By liubel ·

I need to find a solution to build a home network for 3 desktop PC and 1 Laptop.

What`s the idea ....

1. The 3 desktops y one room and the laptop anywhere.

2. One Internet conecction

3. The laptop has wireless card device.

4. I have Flash Internet conecction (ADSL) the device manul says it works as a router.


Thank a lot

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A typical setup

by gralfus In reply to Home Networking architect ...

The DSL modem/router can connect to an ethernet "switch" with at 4 or more ports. Three of these ports will have LAN cables going to the 3 desktops. The DSL modem/router will probably have the ability to vend IP addresses via DHCP. That takes care of the desktops.

If the DSL modem/router doesn't have wireless built-in, then connect a wireless access point (AP) to one of the remaining ports on the switch via another LAN cable. Configure the security on the wireless AP, or the wireless portion of the DSL modem/router. Then the laptop should be able to access the internet via the wireless connection (after configuring the laptop's wireless card).

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Home Office LAN

by mjd420nova In reply to A typical setup

I had one desktop to start, then my daughter wanted a desktop, and then my son too. When my daughters desktop went belly up on the built in NIC card, she wanted a laptop. I was using
a wired router with a parellel printer port, I figured why not just add a wireless router.
What a simple hook up and install. Painless and works like a champ. Be sure to install and always activate the fire wall as part of the router. I now have eliminated the wired router, and user just the wireless, as it came with ports for 4 wired and will hookup to 4 wireless
ports. So simple.

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One possible issue

by gralfus In reply to Home Office LAN

The original poster said his modem acts as a router, so installing a second router can be problematic if both are trying to vend dhcp, depending on the setup. I have seen some DSL modem/routers recently that were like what you described (with multiple ports), in which case he wouldn't need the switch at all since the wired portion could connect to the ports and the wireless is provided already.

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Not an Issue

by HowardParr In reply to One possible issue

The routers will only provide DHCP services for their LAN side network.

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Only need a basic setup

by Andrew06 In reply to Home Office LAN

If your adsl modem/router acts as your primary DHCP server, then you're basically set and only need an access point for the wireless. My basic setup at home is the Modem/Router plugged in with a straight thru cable into my 8 port switch. Then my Wireless AP plugs into the 8 port Switch and it all runs through the Modem/Router. The setup works and you can manage the AP and the Router through different pages. I feel that this is better than if you were setting up a multiple modem/router/wireless point.

However, just a tip - Make sure you enable WEP/WPA or WPA-SK protection and change default settings, along with a strong root password. These are for protection and also enforce MAC filtering. This will protect your AP from attacks.

Just another quick note - Make sure you turn off or disable your access point when you're not using it so that people wont try and crack your protection and use your ADSL.


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Check with your ISP

by jdmercha In reply to Home Networking architect ...

They may have home network setup instructions on their tech support section.

Otherwise, saying that your modem works like a router could mean several things. Most likely you will want to get a wireless router. Your DSL modem will connect to the wireless router and you need one computer wired to the router to configure it. Then get wirelss card for the remaining computers, as needed.

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