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By apresence ·
My home network is a desktop running XP Home, and a notebook running Vista Home. The are networked by a linksys router which also has a D-LINK network storage enclosure attached. I've have this setup for almost a year and it was working fine. Recently however, I changed my username and password using D-LINKs admin site and suddenly things went haywire in terms of accessibility. I have solved all issues but one. One subfolder on this network drive - ironically the most important one - is giving me an access denied message when I try to access it from either computer. When I right-click and check Properties>Security it shows "Nobody" for permissions/access groups. There are no other options and I can't change it from here anyway. I would like to understand how to change permissions on folders in this drive from my any of my machines. What have I changed that no longer allows me access. Thanks to anyone who can help as this is a timely business issue.

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RE: I would like to understand how to change permissions on folders in t

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Home Networking: Changing ...

You most likely have to return to your original Password and so on and then remove the security from this folder then change your Details and then reset the Permissions on this folder.


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Great Solution:New Issue

by apresence In reply to RE: [i]I would like to un ...

Hey thanks man. That probably is the answer. However I have another problem. That folder is still inaccessible but the rollover tag says it is empty. That's impossible. I was using up until 2 days ago to store files and there is no way I would have erased it. Please tell me I can get back what is supposed to be in there?

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Well it depends on what's happened here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Great Solution:New Issue

If you chose to delete Private Files when you changed the Log On Details the system could have deleted the Files but it just as easily could have made them invisible to anyone without the proper Authorization.

I would try returning the system to the way it was when it last worked and see what you have to deal with from there.

Without knowing exactly what happened here it's hard to say one way or the other but with Forensic Recovery Tools most Data is recoverable though it may be time consuming and expensive.


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Sub Folder

by Wizard-09 In reply to Home Networking: Changing ...

Go to the root of the sub folder, root meaning the folder it is within and you can change the premissions here, set it to filter down to all sub folders this will resolve the issue.

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by apresence In reply to Sub Folder

Thanks. I tried that however the root of the sub-folder is the actual drive itself (Volume_1 on DNS-323(Dlink-ee8110)). I usually access this drive from My Network Places. Have I set this thing up completely wrong?

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Network Places

by Wizard-09 In reply to Root

If your accessing the folder from my network places its more than likely the folder is held on another machine, find the machine and do as above

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