Home Networking Issues

By dvw547 ·

I recently moved into a new appartment and have been having some very bizarre issues with my network. The current topology is this:

Modem --> DD-WRT Wireless Router which goes to:
Netgear Wireless Router w/ 2 comps
Switch w/ 2 comps + 1 xbox which goes to ----> Trendnet Wireless N Router w/ a fileserver and a laptop

The main issues seems to be with internet connectivity and very slow connection speed. We need to reset the moden / DD-WRT Router at laest 4 times a day because of the internet dieing on us. In addition to this, transfer rate from the server to other machines is abysmally slow.

I have tested all the Cat cables and upgraded the firmware of all the routers so I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a problem with Interference

by The Scummy One In reply to Home Networking Issues

most likely. Did you setup the routers on different channels? Are they setup on the same channels as a neighbors wireless network(s)?
could there be interference from wireless phones in the area?

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Interference with router

by mjd420nova In reply to Home Networking Issues

I just tackled this for a client that had the same problem. They moved from a townhome where everything worked fine and moved into a condo. Nothing wanted to work consistantly. After relocating the routers to another room we found that a neighbor had a cordless phone on the wall opposite the original location. Another neighbor had an "N" type router that interfered with one of the laptops in another room. The only way to cure that fault was to pull a CAT5 cable in. The laptop had trouble only in that room and we've had some luck using grounded window screens and a couple grounded foils mounted behind some pictures on the wall closest to the offending signal location. Good luck.

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Check Channel Settings

by BizIntelligence In reply to Interference with router

<pr>As mentioned by other user, please check your channel settings as it happened with me a few days ago. I had to reset my wireless router as Nintendo Wii was not working. Later connection started dropping and became very slow for my laptop. I then changed the channel settings and that rectified the issue. </pr>
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