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Home Networking Nightmare

By kplasters ·
I have 2 desktop PCs & a laptop at home. I previously had them networked wirelessly while using Verizon DSL (thru Verizon's DSL modem). Everything worked great-- file, printer & application sharing across the board. I recently switched to Cox Cable high speed internet. My DSL modem/wireless router wouldn't work with the cable lines, so I had to purchase a wireless router. I went with the Linksys 802.11b because I already had Linksys 802.11b wireless adapters on the 2 desktop PCs (plus I got a great deal on I didn't change a thing on my computers, just set up the new router to match my existing network settings. I am sharing an internet connection now, but that is all-- I can't see other computers on my network, I can't share a printer, anything! I have configured and re-configured and deleted and re-installed to the point of pulling my hair out and nothing is working. I know I've got to be missing some 'mundane little detail' and I'm starting to feel like a complete idiot. Any suggestions would be most appreciated (especially by my boyfriend who's tired of watching me run back and forth from desk to desk, gnashing my teeth like a crazy woman.) :-)

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by ICB's corner In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

Router's configuration guide is very useful in this case.
You must use wireless settings utility and choose infrastructure mode, enter the same SSID for all devices, set a variant of encryption (WEP with 64 bits(10 digits))

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by curlergirl In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

No answers, just more questions right now...sorry.

Is the new router using the same IP addressing subnet as the old one? Is it running DHCP? Are all of the PCs getting an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server address from the router? Can you ping the IP address of one computer from another one? From the router? If you try to map a drive from the command line, does it work? Are you certain that all the computers are in the same workgroup? Is NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled on all the PCs?

There are a few possibilities here, but specific info is necessary to troubleshoot these types of problems. Maybe you could check each computer and the router and post the exact TCP/IP settings of each one, and answer the above questions at the same time.

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by kylew In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

The Linksys Router do you have a Local Domain or Workgroup assigned? If you don't you will need too under the config window. Then go to all your workstations and make sure they are apart of the same workgroup. Then I would check your Services on all Machines after the Workgroup fix. Check for all Network type services if you need more assitance let me know here.

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by Greybeard770 In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

When you say you are "sharing an internet connection now" I take that to mean all the computers are accessing public web pages sucessfully. If the computers cant "see other computers" I take that to mean they cannot PING by IP address. That screams of firewalling. Did you happen to upgrade to XP SP2 at some point in the process, which would secure your computers for you?

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by kplasters In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

ICB-- Already knew to do that, but thanks anyway.
curlergirl-- Yes to same IP addressing, DHCP, same workgroup and NetBIOS over TCP/IP. No, I cannot ping the computers or map a drive from command line.
kylew-- All are in same workgroup and all Network type services are the same.
Greybeard770-- All computers are able to access the web, yes. I had uprgraded to XP SP2 long ago (during DSL sharing), so I never gave the firewall a thought. I did get a warning about file and printer sharing being risky, but checked the box to do it anyway-- wouldn't this override the security setting?

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by zlitocook In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

I have set up a few wireless networks and when they work its great and when they dont it will drive you buggy.
heres a great link and I know you dont want to here this but when you can not get it working. Compleatly remove the wireless from all computers and start from a new install.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

i bet you need to set up the wireless router in bridge mode. check out linksys' website for how to instructions...

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by sreevatsamk In reply to Home Networking Nightmare

Disablwe FIREWALL settings , this will enable to view & ACCESS the systems

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