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Home networking problem!

By alonz ·

Got a problem with home networking -
Desktop A is connected to Desktop B via LAN cable.
Both running XP and SP2.
The client can get connected to the net, though can`t browse using explorer. he can handle emails/sharing programs etc but no surfing.

Any ideas??

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by BFilmFan In reply to Home networking problem!

Is it attached to Desktop B via a hub? Or directly?

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by alonz In reply to Home networking problem!

It is connected directly - no hub/router.

It used to work perfectly but at one point something happened when re-installed windows on Desktop B.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Home networking problem!

ipconfig /release then /renew is always worth doing while getting warmed up...
from bad client, get command prompt box. then ping your isp's dns servers. they will post those ip addresses on their website or call them. if client can ping those then problem is dns configuration in the client. see if gateway is set to internet router lan address. see if router has dns servers configured in it. try configuring internet router with dns settings so it can deliver those with the dhcp it is probably dishing out to client. or just cheat and hard code static lan address in client and hard code in isp dns numbers.

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by thomasjob1 In reply to Home networking problem!

just check proxy setting enabled or nto if connecting directly you can disable proxy & uncheck automatic detect setting

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