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By bkapelas ·
Hi, On an existing wireless home network with a XP Pro desktop and a XP Home Laptop I have been unable to add a new Vista premium Laptop. All internet access is OK on all PCS

Work groups are all the same. Discovery is on.

I look for workgroup PCs in the XP machines and see the new PC. In Vista I can't even figure out how to look for PCs in the workgroup. (Why has this become more difficult)

I try to set a folder in the new PC to share it. After going thru its "This will take a few minutes" it tells me This folder could not be shared. Repeated attempts on different folders. I did get one diagnose routine on the new laptop which told me the firewall settings should allow the connection.

I've gone thru basic trouble shooting on the Vista which said check the connection. Thats obviously OK. Then discovery. That is on. It gives no clues after that.

The old laptop uses Symantec Anti virus. The new Laptop has the Symantec Internet Security. All on default settings. The desktop is F-Secure anti virus. No other third party firewalls.

Linksys wireless router and a cable modem.

Frankly as a hobbiest I need to ask why this has become more difficult? I am finding Vista quite cumbersome. Things changed unnecessarily. Makes no sense. :thumbsdown:

Please point me in a fruitful direction. Thanks.

Mfr: Home Built
Type: Desktop
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2700
Installed RAM: 1 g
OS: XP Pro SP2
Disk Drives: 2 HD 1 CD 1 CD/DVD RW 3.5 floppy

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Same thing

by tlgilmore In reply to Home Newtworking Vista wi ...

I have had the same experience. I suffered a recent crash of a portable while on the road for business and had to grab a new box to get the job done. I could'nt find a new XP box and so I had to go with the Vista. It's got Vista Business on it and Norton come pre installed. What a bummer!! I got home to my all XP Pro home office with several machines wired and wirelessly connected and I ca't for the life of me get this stupid system to recognize the network. Help Mr. Wizard!! Thanks MicroSoft for another useless "upgrade". I swear the next box will be a Mac and I'm no fan of their's! Anyone with any info please reply.

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Same Issue

by preskev In reply to Same thing

I have the same issue. I have and XP Pro Desktop and just bought a new laptop with Vista. I have it running through a linksys router and cable model. Internet is fine. File sharing and printer does not work. Discovery is on. All drives and printers are set for share.?????

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Similar issue

by les In reply to Same Issue

I had a major accident with my XP based computer and replaced XP with Vista (mistake). The whole process was so painful that I went out and bought a fancy new Mac, with the intention of phasing it in to replace the Dell computer with Vista on it.

I can network just fine between the laptops which still have XP and the Dell that has Vista on it. I don't know what I did that was out of the ordinary that lets my Vista fit into the LAN, but it works OK.

However, the Mac is a different story. It communicates with the laptops with XP on them just fine, and its icon shows up in the workgroup on the Vista machine. However, I cannot open the icon on the Vista machine. I have been trying for a week now to find some combination of the many settings that will permit this, or, alternately, to find someone who has done it successfully, and cannot. The Mac people admit to not having a clue, but say it is not their responsibility to solve Vista problems. The Windows people are not about to talk about how to switch over to Mac.

Very frustrating.

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