Home office networking

By swempire ·

I have a desktop computer in my home office along with a router and modem. The computer I have in the office and my laptop shares an internet connection. I have two questions

1. How do i share a connection with one printer.

2. I recently brought a computer from my work office to set up for my children to use. This computer is upstairs. I was wondering if i can set this computer up to share the internet and printer connection i already have set up. Please help. I have spent hours of reading on the internet figure this out. I am not very computer savvy. Would appreciate some guidance. Thank You

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What operating systems?

by seanferd In reply to Home office networking

1. Use the Network Setup Wizard. You can find it in the Start Menu somewhere like
Programs > Accessories > Communications >

2. Run an Ethernet cable from upstairs down to the router. Does the router have enough ports?

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Computers are in different locations

by swempire In reply to What operating systems?

The computers are in different locations. I can run ethernet cable to it.

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This is easily doable

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Home office networking

But there are some basic things you need to do first.

Assuming that your Office Computer and NB are on different LAN example one connects with a Wire and the other the NB connects wirelessly you first need to enter the Routers Setup Procedure and Bridge the Wireless and Wired LAN's together. This will allow both computers to share files & Printers after you run the Network Setup Wizard under Windows if that is the OS you are using. If it's not you will need to post back with the OS Type so we can direct you tot he right way to configure the Computers.

Now assuming that the Upstairs Computer can not be connected with a Wire and you want to use a Wireless connection you need a WiFi Adapter for this computer. Ideally it should be an Internal Type rather than a USB Type like the one shown here

The USB Type which are not quite as reliable do not require you to open the computer case and there could be Signal Problems with these over different Floors in a domestic application look like this

Once you have the WiFi Adapter correctly installed and the Driver loaded you need to run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard and share Printers and Files then add the Network Printer.

Though with a Wireless Network you need to be aware that anyone within a 500 Meter Radios of the Wireless Access Point generally the router can connect to this Network. So you need to employ some form of Security like WEP or WPA 1 or 2. Ideally if your Router supports WPA2 Protocols that is the better one to use but even still it is crackable by anyone within range. So to minimize the possibility of Intrusions you should change the Routers Password from the one that it was originally set up with and if the device supports it the User Name as well. While it will never Guarantee a Hack Proof WiFi Network it will at the very least make it harder to crack. :)


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