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By Madsmaddad ·
A few years ago Techrepublic published a paper on things to do to look after your computer. I cannot remember the title. In 2006, I sent it to my neighbour with suggestions for additions.

As I have recently sorted out a friends computer I revisited this, and would like your comments on any changes or additions. It is intended for Windows XP computers. Also I wonder if there is a similar type of thing for maintaining a linux computer.

Here it is:

Proper Care and Maintenance of a home PC System

A computer must be looked after properly if it is to give you the best service. Like a car or a freezer, it needs periodic maintenance to give the best performance.

The maintenance tasks to keep your computer at it's optimum, and ensure that it is free from nasty influences, are spelled out below.

Daily:- Virus check (automatic)

Weekly:- Spybot, Ad-aware or super-antispyware. These check for spyware nasties that may have infiltrated. Check for updates first.

Monthly:- XP cleanup from the start-> Accessories-> system tools. Then run Ccleaner on both the applications and the registry. After this run the defragmenter on all used partitions from Start-> Accessories-> System tools. Sometimes you may wish to repeat the defragmentation process.

BACKUP your data

Apply Updates from Microsoft.
Manually check for updates on any other programs that do not automatically update.

Six-Monthly:- Many programs that periodically download updates, typically these protection programs, build up a folder of downloaded updates. Look at programs like Ad-aware, spybot and Grisoft anti-virus, and clean out logfiles and downloaded updates.
Search for and delete *.tmp, *.bak files.

Check for disk errors:- My Computer, select disk-> properties-> tools-> Check for errors. This may require a reboot.

Mail ? Outlook Express
a) Delete all but most recently sent emails. { I keep two Months}
b) Delete all except special mails and recent mails from Inbox.
c) Delete Deleted mails.
d) Compact mail folders from File-> Folder-> Compact

Annually:- Take the side off the computer box, and clean out the dust, especially from the CPU Heatsink and fans. A soft brush is good for this, or an airspray. Use appropriately to avoid static.

Go through your Favourites/Bookmarks and clear out invalid and irrelevant ones.

My computer has:
VIPRE antivirus, Zonealarm Firewall,
Spybot, Superantispyware,
Winpatrol, Ccleaner

Thanks all.

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