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    Home Server (Intel or AMD)


    by adetolaoyawale ·


    I’m planning to build a new server for my home lab to be used mainly for running multiple VMWare Machines. I have settled for the following: Ubuntu 8.4 Server, 8GB RAM minimum, 1TB Hard Drive.

    However, I can’t make up my mind on the processor and motherboard to use. I prefer a QUAD core processor (AMD or Intel) and would appreciate any recommedation from the forum on what to go for bearing in mind that I want to keep cost to the minimum.

    Many thanks in advance.


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      Use what the software was built for.

      by ken ·

      In reply to Home Server (Intel or AMD)

      My own opinion is to stick with Intel MB and processor. Microsoft builds and tests their operating systems on Intel hardware…. anything else is just “compatible” hardware. This is where Mac has an advantage in that they build the OS, software, place it on Intel hardware then sell a complete product that works together.
      Over the 6 years I have been in business I have only had 1 dead Intel MB and no dead Intel processors. I have had many dead non Intel parts. I have never had any install issues when using Intel but had many issues when reinstalling on non intel parts.
      The lowest price isn’t always the best deal.
      Intel provides a 3 year warranty on their boxed hardware.

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        Sales speak

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Use what the software was built for.

        You must be a decent salesperson cause you stay on message.

        But Microsoft has over the past decade taken many steps to ensure that Intel does not have a monopoly. Microsoft and AMD have had various agreements over the years – 64 bit XP was targeted at AMD’s effort to get into the server market in a big way.

        Many of us have built many AMD systems that have been rock solid reliable, and I’ve been building systems much longer than you’ve been in business.

        Havng said all that I would tell you that Intel did take an early lead in the price/performance in duo and quad core, but AMD are coming back – the Phenom quad cores are worth a look.

        Intel MBs are solid, but nothing special. There are lots of other makers who make solid boards at better prices.


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      If cost is that big an issue

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Home Server (Intel or AMD)

      Do the research and buy the least expensive motherboard/processor combination that meets your needs.

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        Ubuntu 8.4 Server

        by adetolaoyawale ·

        In reply to If cost is that big an issue


        Thanks for your comments however I intend to install Ubuntu linux as the host OS and run Cisco CallManagers, Windows Server 2003/2008 as VMWware Machines. I read somewhere that AMD processors supports virtualization natively better than Intel processors.

        I really appreciate your comments but by cost I don’t mean lowest price but rather looking at the overall benefit for each dollar spent. For instance buying one hardware might be more expensive but it offers more benefit overall when compared to the other hardware.

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          That’s what I said

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Ubuntu 8.4 Server

          If a more expensive setup provides more overall benefit, then that’s the least expensive option that meets your needs. 🙂

          Edit: type, post, proofread…

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      historically speaking

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Home Server (Intel or AMD)

      AMD was lower in the dollars and higher in the performance also.

      with 64 bit / multi-core cpus, Intel has reportedly surpassed AMD in performance. Intel narrowed the gap in the race to 2GHz chips.

      Every benchmark study I have heard about the multicore chips has Intel performing better. They have also brought their pricing closer to what AMD is charging.

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        by adetolaoyawale ·

        In reply to historically speaking

        Thanks Jaqui for your contribution. I’ve been a fan of AMD for years for Desktop PC based on historical cost benefit and Intel for laptops. However, I’ve been hearing the same comments as yours that Intel is getting ahead of AMD in the multi-core platform at competitive prices.

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          I have

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to True…..

          a dual core AMD server in my home, no problems with it, other than the 32 bit vs 64 bit issues.
          [ little things like some desktop type apps only being 32 bit. can’t use the server for skype calls for my home business, since skype is 32 bit only. ]

          I have found that the multi-lib option of supporting both 32 and 64 does slow the system down, if you aren’t very careful about which updates to apply. The package managers list both 32 and 64 bit updates, and you have to remember which version of the software in question you have installed, or you get both versions. [ and with things like web server and database servers, that causes conflicts.

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