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Home Support given by Corp IT?

By breichert ·
I was recently asked by my supervisor to travel to an executive's house and setup a home network for him. My supervisor says doing this is very common however I disagree. I would like to know the REAL answer since this is really my first IT position.

The question being, how common is this practice?


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Its a perk of being an executive

by LordInfidel In reply to Home Support given by Cor ...

If I has a penny for every personal machine I have fixed I would be a rich man.

I have not only gone to my ceo's house to install a network. (on a saturday)

I have also gone to a Major StockHolders house to remove a virus from his system.

The one thing I would insist on is doing it on company time.

I look at it like kissing *** by having power over them. If you help out the executives, they are more likely to look favorably upon you.

It sucks, I know. But that is the world of corporate IT.

Now my clients personal home systems I charge them for.

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by tbragsda In reply to Home Support given by Cor ...

You bet.

My first big job with a big bank, I was a regular at the exec house.

Its realy more a business thing. They arent getting "free" services. Execs need the help at home to do their jobs, and if the kiddies get a nice network along the way, its a perk.

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Rank has its privileges

by road-dog In reply to Home Support given by Cor ...

Corporate assets are theirs to (ab)use. I have seen several companies who allow CXX's wives to use corporate travel and even provide limousine services.

If they would like you to provide "gimmes" to executives, then let the company eat the time.Personally, I've never done home work of this sort on my own dime. I'd never burn a Saturday for such a deal.

I did once have a Manager try to tie me into a week-end job gratis because of my being a salaried employee. I told him that I'd be happyto do it for "overtime" or comp time, as it fell outside the IT department charter.

They ended up sending out the new guy, which was fine with me.

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Do it on your company time BUT

by mlayton In reply to Home Support given by Cor ...

OK, I've not only set up networks, but I have upgraded machines, set up PBXs and been sent to an island to trouble shoot the phones at a vacation home (OK, that one I would do again). Always do it on company time BUT bear in mind this could be seen as misappropriation of company assets (enron, adelphia, etc higher-ups have seen things like this end up as problems for them!) AND be sure to DOCUMENT what you do and keep it in a file because the schmuck that may be called out after you are gone will greatly appreciate it!

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Gotta agree

by madroxxx In reply to Home Support given by Cor ...

I have had to do that and worse. I had to go set up our CEO's stereo/tv system when he moved. Somehow people think if it has electricity it falls under the I.T. umbrella.

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by ND_IT In reply to Gotta agree

I agree also. Keep in company time. Once you start at a new place, and people find out you are a "computer geek", they are going to ask you all sorts of questions and favors for their own personal systems. If you don't set some kind of fee, sincemost of them want you do this on your own time, you could be way in over your head.

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by MallardtooXX In reply to Gotta agree

Why is it that these people can run huge companies, broker for position with heads of small governments, and talk politics with the joint chiefs. Yet they can't plug a stereo plug into an RCA jack? I'll tell you why cause they don't have to, they have us to do it for them. I have set up stereo's (home and Car) Computer networks, I even set up my CEO's son's X-Box (the kid was three btw) last christmas. As long as you keep track and keep EVERYTHING above board then you are fine, just keeping yourself in the bosses good graces can do a lot for you later on when the good stuff comes along

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What goes around...

by pallan In reply to Home Support given by Cor ...

I have a friend who works for an engineering/design company. The engineers were always bothering him about home computer problems, and whenever he protested he was met with "you're our computer guy, so you have to do this for me."

After a while he and his wife decided to buy a house. Sensing a way to end the constant barrage of PC questions from his engineers, he took the blueprints for the house to work with him. He slapped the blueprints down on the lead engineer's desk and told him to have a look. When the engineer protested, he said "you're my engineer, so you have to do this for me." He's never received another request for home service.

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Good One!

by breichert In reply to What goes around...

I like that. To bad I can't turn it around like that here.

Well, it unfortunatly seems that my boss is correct in this. However, I still think it's a load of crap that we are expected to do this. I figure since the majority of the money isgiven to the minority that is known as upper management then they can afford to pay someone else to take care of their computer problems like the little guy has to. I don't see IT departments on call for the guy who cleans the bathroom.

Corporate politics are incredibly anoying.

I stand corrected though. Thanks for the replys.


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Another consideration

by madroxxx In reply to Good One!

The choice for internal IT to support corporate executives home systems may not be because the CEO is cheap but rather that he has private company data on his home computer and does not trust an outside source.

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