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    Home System FAILURE at boot


    by anea.barer ·

    Motherboard msi kt4v won’t start. Blue screen at start up. At reset began rapid long & short beeping. Powered down for a short time and tried resetting the bios did not think to count the number of beeps as I thought it would be repeated but it did not. Now when powered up hard drive and lan lights light up but nothing happens – no beeping no nothing. However, not completely dead – when removing ram gives memory error beeps. Any help would be appreciated – don’t want to throw a bunch of money away replacing the wrong parts. This an about 5 year old board and cpu but recently purchased new vid card and hard drive and would prefer to not have to get entirely new setup.

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      by anea.barer ·

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      Can you

      by gary56789 ·

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      access the CMOS setup? If so, post mfg and model of BIOS.

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        Wish that I could

        by anea.barer ·

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        No video no anything. I was running the bios that came with the board when i bought it. I hadn’t run any updates as none were relevant.

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      Hmm, it could be…

      by kal_lmn ·

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      You said that you recently purchased a new video card, was that after or before the startup error? If before, then that might be the problem, it may not be fully connected, have the wrong drivers, or even no drivers. You said that the computer isnt totally dead, so good chance is that its your video card if visuals is your problem, try using your old vid card… or maybe a new motherboard, 5 years and a problem later, it could also be the problem, the pci vid slot may be busted, try a new one. And lastly, theres always the possibility of a virus.

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