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Home theatre speakers -

By Oz_Media ·
Yes, a very odd title for TR and NO I have no vested interest in the company providing this deal but I thought it was worth pointing out to anyone looking to add a surround system to their home theatre.
***this is not SPAM, I'm not selling anything nor benefitting in any way from this.***

I work in the a home theatre related industry, for new home builders, custom theatre designers etc. One of teh top companies around these days for Home Audio speakers is RBH Sound. They are a pioneer that has been around over 30 years and has designed and made speakers for the greats, such as JBL, MacIntosh, and Rockford Fosgate.

They have a sister company called EMP, where they offer products for online sale. One product EMP carries is a clone of the RBH TK series, a very well designed mid-level home theatre speaker with fibreglass cones (similar to the B&W cones).

Right now, as they are phasing out the TK series, they have dropped procing on the EMP line also, there is a well known US based online retailer that is blowing them out DIRT CHEAP.

To give you an example, the TK-515C (same speaker different brand name) sold for about $299.00 EACH.

Audioholics, a respectable online reviewer and retailer is offering 5 yes FIVE of them for $200.00!!! That's $40 per speaker. The cool thing is that they are using the cones from the RBH TK-515C's so they are identical to RBH in almost every way now.

Even if you don't have anywhere to put them today, $40 each is absolutely insane. The value of the crossovers alone is more than double that, the high end, shielded drivers are worth a lot of dough.

In other words, high performance home audio for less than ANY blowout retail store can touch.

If ANYONE is looking to upgrade or build a new 5 speaker surroud system, this is the best value for money in a speaker package available in North American right now.

I'd buy a set myself but I already have a decent RBH package, which I paid a lot more for even directly from the manufacturer.

Again, not spam, just passing on a truly incredible deal. I've been in the industry for eons and have never seen such a deal from anyone before.

Product review:

(note package includes 5X TK-515C not towers.)

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That is a good price

by jck In reply to Home theatre speakers -

I just bought an entire Sony Home Theatre system for about that much. Although, the speakers are crap.

If I hadn't bought the home theatre I did, I'd buy those to put on my old AV system.

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Cut the plugs

by Oz_Media In reply to That is a good price

I assume you got what's commonly called theatre in a box, where you get teh receiver/DVD player and 5 satelites in a package? Generally these have RCA or mini phono plugs for teh satellite speakers. In that case, you can just cut the plugs, or hit Radio Shack and buy some new ones and add the EMP package that way.

Either way I'm sure it sounds great, this package is just an insane price though, so much so that I had ot post it here. Again, I'm not in it for comission, spiffs or anything else, it was just a deal I had to mention.

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Oh I know you're not a telesalesman

by jck In reply to Cut the plugs

Just that I dropped over $200 for the TIAB from Sony. And, the speakers aren't that great.

Just dunno right now (with continued medical expenses, just found out the $500 shed I want to put up is engineered by the company to only be installed with a $1500 foundation, etc) that I can afford another $200.

I really wish I could. I would love to just slap it on a credit card, but I'm trying to get out from under all that debt so I can move out of Florida.

If I can afford it after this next paycheck, I'll see if I can get a set. I'd love to check em out as I've never heard of EMP.

Thanks tho. Sincerely.

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I can understand that

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh I know you're not a te ...

jck, I make decent coin. No, I'm not wealthy, but I do earn more than most of my peers in town. I'm not on the upper end of the income scale, nor the bottom but I do okay.

Right now, due to debts, commitments etc., I live check to check too. I completely understand that even $200.00 takes a bit to justify dropping on a speakers. Even my spending at the pony track has gone down, and that's a big step for me. :) Just too many other bills that are supposedly more important.

If you do manage to put together the scratch though, I am in no way misleading or misrepresenting the value of this package and it truly is an excellent value for money.

Best of luck following your dreams,

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by jck In reply to I can understand that

I went ahead and got them on the credit card. I said "Oh $crew it!" and decided to. $214 with tax.

I'll have to get the Sony plugs for the thing though, as the Sony receiver/tuner/DVD has a different speaker plug-in than RCA or what not.

I'll let you know what I think of the sound. Worse comes to worse, I just leave a couple in the front room and use others in other I have 4 5.1 surround systems in my house lol

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Sony plugs

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks

I'd cut them off the old speakers, they are probably moulded so leave 6" of wire then you can reconnect them if you choose to one day.

Hopefully you can drive a bit of power with your new receiver, if not stick them in another room with a better amp if you have one. A clean 40WPC will do them justice.

One thing with these speakers is they are hard to push over the edge to a point of distortion. They really like power but are pretty efficient too.

Glad you managed to pick up a set, now I'm jealous!

I truly can't believe the deal, pay for one speaker, get 5, shipped FREE. Damn, SOMETIMES, make that once in a very long while, I actually think that just MAYBE it would be kinda cool to be American and get in on such deals.

As a distributor, by the time I pay exchange, freight and brokerage, it just doesn't seem as sweet. Bu tI work with RBH and they aren't available online, I wouldn' tbe able to sell a product that is available online, dealers want something unique that end users can't shop around for.

Enjoy, as I know you will.

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Well ****

by jck In reply to Sony plugs

If I knew they'd be around long enough, I'd pick a set up for you, let you Western Union the money to me for them and the shipping, and I'd ship them in a box with a birthday card saying "Happy Birthday, ya old fart!" so that inspection/customs would think they were just a gift.

Just remember. I pay sales tax. lol

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Thanks but

by Oz_Media In reply to Sony plugs

My 2-channel system has a vintage pair of ScanDyna's on it, incredible. And my theatre system (ex spare bedroom) has RBH Signatures in it with reference drivers.

A BIG FAT expense, but at the cost I pay for them I couldn't have got more for less.

I pay the equivalent of a pair of Energy towers from Best Buy for handcrafted RBH Signature series speakers.

My 5.1 consists of:
Front L/R:

In blond ash veneer,w/reference drivers with phase plugs and ScanSpeak tweeters.

I don't actually need speakers I just hate missing out on good deals, especially ones like this. Seriously, RBH TK's (same as EMP's on sale here) were a great value for money at the normal selling price of $299.99 Each.

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Thanks for passing this along!

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Home theatre speakers -

I have a friend that is looking to do a home theater in the basement. I'll make sure he gets these links.

Thanks for posting, Oz!

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Tell him to move quick

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks for passing this a ...

Believe me, I REALLY know thsi product and what its capabilities are. RH Disco'd the TK's and used up the very expensive cones in the EMP's (also used by B&W). They are in very limited quantity and Audioholics sells a LOT of product as they are deemed THE on-line retailer. They ship for free (US), I was offered a package to bring in 1500 units of another product they had at a really great price, but as I don't sell products to end users or online I had to pass on it.

If I needed speakers, I'd jump on these, I was paying over $150.00 Ea speaker direct from RBH, as one of very few distributors, when RBH was producing these, I don't know that I've seen a better deal...ever.

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