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Home VPN users

By Old Guy ·
I realize there is always concerns and risks in setting up VPN connections for employees to work from home. However, my question is this: Would it be safer to set up a VPN connection to the firewall and then have them connect to a specific computer via Remote Desktop? This way the actual programs and resources are not on the local PC at home.

Is it less likely that a virus could be transferred through this type of setup?

Thanks for your input

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I don't see an advantage

by jdclyde In reply to Home VPN users

You would still be accessing the network and taking over your work system wouldn't change the fact that your PC is still on the LAN.

Not an expert on remote desktop, but isn't that more overhead on your companies bandwidth as well?

Is this a work system or a home system?

Get a copy of the CORPORATE AntiVirus loaded on your home system. Update and run regularly.

You should have a router between you and the internet to stop hackers from exploiting you while your computer is on.

You should have a software firewall, to protect you while you are surfing and to give you layer protection.

You should have a spyware/malware cleaner. (I still like AdAware and Counterstrike). Update and run regularly.

Keep your system patched.

Bottom line, I don't see any advantage of remote desktop to prevent viruses.

GG is in security. Will have to get her in here.

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by Old Guy In reply to I don't see an advantage

In my mind the primary advantage is that the programs we use in the office is not on their local machine at home and, I think would be less likely to be "explored" by people other than the doctors. There should never be more than 8-10 people who would remote in and then it would be basically after regular hours so the bandwidth isn't quite a big concern; yet.

This is a doctor's office and it would be mainly the docs connecting to look up patient records and X-rays. The X-rays would probably kill their bandwidth from their ISP at home. Hence, I thought it would be better to use their home PC as a remote control and keep the programs and resources on the network.

The virus/trojan question was a secondary concern. My network starts with a Fortigate firewall I also have an enterprise anti-virus, local anti-virus on their office PC, as well as a local anti-virus on their home PC. I also use Ad-Aware Pro and Spybot on both the office and home machines. I'm also starting to use the MS AntiSpam in addition. Of course, it concerns me that they probably don't keep everything updated and scanned regularly at home. I have coerced the COO to mandate that they have to have a separate user account on their home computer that the family is not supposed to use. Sure that's not adhered to completely

In essence, I think I have it pretty well as secured/safe as I can--considering. I was just curious if keeping the resources on the network and using their home PC as a remote control helped any at all as far as limiting the bad potentials at least a little.

I would love to hear from GG about this.

Thanks, again.

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remote systems

by jdclyde In reply to Advantage

it is impossible to dictate to people about their personal systems at home.

MOST companies, ESPECIALLY where security it a high concern as it is in Medical, will see themselves better off providing a computer for official use only than to save some money up front and risk MAJOR fines later on because a Doctor was viewing medical records on the same system that their kids have p2p going or have picked up a root-kit by going to the game hack sites and such.

Also, biometrics or tokens are a MUST for high end security needs.

I know the basics of what it is, but just a general over-view.

Sorry wasn't much help.

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Definite help

by Old Guy In reply to remote systems

Sorry I'm just now getting back to this. I've been doing my marathon shopping for the year.

Actually, this has been a big help. It will help give me some leverage in convincing the powers that be that we each doctor needs to have a dedicated PC through the office for their home use.

Thanks, again.

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Ok, I'm here, and I don't believe the similarities!!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Home VPN users

OG, Yes, I'm in security, and I also have remote locations, home workers.....and work for the Health Sector!!

This is the nightmare scenario. Home users getting access to personally identifiable information.....

Look, this is going to take some going through, depending on the justifications you want to make. Do you want to pm me with the details, and then I can adjust my reply accordingly? More than willing to help, but need to know exactly what/why/how you need to build your business case.

(You've skimmed an awful lot of what I would have said anyway, both of you - oh, gosh I'm so proud!)


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by Old Guy In reply to Ok, I'm here, and I don't ...

I am honored that you are proud. (I really am). Yes, I would love to pm with as many details as possible. It may take me a little while because work may keep getting in the way. Man, I hate when I have to concentrate on work... :)

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