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By karini4 ·
I have installed Microsoft Broadband Networking(MSBBN) at home so my son and I can share an internet connection. I understand that the basestation has a firewall, but I am wondering if I should also have a software firewall, either ZoneAlarm (free version), or some other product like Symantec's Firewall. Are there any known issues for this sort of configuration? The 2 PC's are WIN98 with basestation and WinXP with Wireless adapter. I'd like to see a software firewall on both PC's. I was told by Microsoft there they may be some issues though.

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by jamesgoerke In reply to Home Wireless Networking/ ...

honestly, a software firewall is not necessary in your particular situation. However, what is necessary is anti-virus software. If you have that you should be in good shape. Also, redundent software firewalls can cause file sharing problems with windows xp and 98 as I have personally found out in the field. So, in my opinion, it is not entirely necesary.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Home Wireless Networking/ ...

hey, if you want a software firewall on both systems, you go! maybe you got firewall in msn router, maybe you don't. i admire control freaks when it comes to security (smile). the issues in my experience are performance related and if you have newer hardware should be no problem. zonealarm can crash in such a way that can cut off the internet and be a pain. but usually no sweat. zonealarm and others have easy configuration helpers to help you put your lan in 'trusted' status so will not impact file sharing. why don't you go ahead and get trial version of zonealarm and try it and see. very good point made by other about getting anti-virus. firewall, anti-virus and third leg of your security stool is 'patched box'. ie keep up with your critical windows updates. get them to go on automatically without your intervention if possible. always put on the critical updates. put on recommended with more caution. put on Jet update and certificates update and anything you understand/recognize. leave the others until later

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by TheChas In reply to Home Wireless Networking/ ...

I would install Zone Alarm on both PCs.

The only issue you will have is setting permissions for sharing files or printers between the 2 PCs.

You need to allow the IP address of the other computer access in the "trusted zone" section of the Zone Alarm control panel.


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by karini4 In reply to

Sorry so long in getting back to you. I haven't really had a lot of time to mess with this, but I like your answer the best. I will set it up as you suggest and see what happens. From what I understand from other investigations, this should work.

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by karini4 In reply to Home Wireless Networking/ ...

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