Hooking laptop to desktop using wireless Verizon air car and wirelss router

By ndahl66 ·
Let me preface by saying I'm not very good at computers and especially networking!!! I recently got a Verizon wireless card (PC5740)to use at home. I downloaded the software that came with the card on both of my computers (laptop and desktop). I also had to buy an adapter PMCIA (?) adapter for my desktop because it did not have a slot to slide the card into. The card works great on both machines if I have the card in that specific machine. What I want to do is have the card in my desktop and be able to use my laptop without having to remove the card each time and put it in the machine I want to use. What do I need to do?

1. I don't know if I have the router connected correctly as I've never used one (it's a wireless g). I have the router plugged into the electrical outlet and I have a blue ethernet cord from the back of my desktop to the internet slot on the wireless router. Is that right? What are the other 4 phone slots for? If it's wireless, why would I need wires or additional slots?

2. How do I get the wireless to work on my laptop without having to move the card back and forth from computer to computer? I did get it so it recognized my wireless router (Linksys) and shows it's connected with excellent signal...but whenever I bring up a webpage (by clicking on the IE icon, it says I need to connect. How do I connect? When I click on that connect button that pops up in that error, it brings me to a dial up screen. I don't have a landline phone, so I cannot dial that way, I must use wireless.

Any suggestions???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also set up a home network on both computers but not sure if it's correct as I just picked what seemed logical to me (that's not saying much).

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What is your 802.11G router connected to?

by Macgyver.Hicks In reply to Hooking laptop to desktop ...

I have several questions in regard to your setup to see if I can get a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish.

The PC5740 is using Verizon's cell towers for internet access. This card cannot "see" your 802.11G router. IF your laptop is locating YOUR router (and not a neighbor's), then it has an internal 802.11B/G wireless NIC. Also, your 802.11G router should have some wired ports. Do you have a wire going from the router to the tower PC? If so, is the wire from the computer to the router plugged into the WAN port or one of the 4PC ports? Is the router WAN port plugged into a cable or dsl modem?

Is the PC5740 supposed to be your only connection to the internet or do you have cable/dsl? If so, I may be able to advise you as to how you can set it up on your tower and use your 802.11G router more as an access point and your tower as an inet server.

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Reply to Macgyver.Hicks

by ndahl66 In reply to What is your 802.11G rout ...

My laptop does have a internal wireless card. I live quite a ways from people and to my knowledge none of my neighbors have any type of wireless service.

Yes, I have wired ports. I have the ethernet cable in the back of my PC to the 'internet' slot (WAN)? on the router. I have nothing in any of the 4PC ports.

I only have an ethernet cable from my PC to the router's internet slot. I don't have cable or DSL. I don't have a landline phone at all either. I just have this wireless PC5740 card.

My desktop is in one room of my house "my office" and the laptop is in the next room over, a spare room in my house.

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Try this.

by Macgyver.Hicks In reply to Reply to Macgyver.Hicks

You may be able to use the Internet Connection Sharing on your tower with the verizon card. Here is a link on setting up ICS on your desktop.

If your router has the IP of, you will have to change it. This is because setting up ICS on your verizon card, your desktop's NIC will be assigned that IP. If the router's input from your desktop and output to your laptop via wireless are the same (192.168.0.*) it will get confused as to which way to send the packets. If your router gives out 192.168.1(or 2).*, then you'll be alright.

I've done similar using wireless on a laptop to share to other wired computers through the laptop's wired LAN port.

This setup should allow your desktop to connect to the Verizon network for internet. Your Desktop should send an IP and signal to your router. Your router should then connect with your laptop and act as a bridge to your desktop and the internet.

You may need to unplug the power for the router for a minute after doing this so it can pick up the ip from the desktop as it boots up.

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by ndahl66 In reply to Try this.

I will try this over the weekend! I appreciate all your help!

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Not sure this will work...

by IT cowgirl In reply to Hooking laptop to desktop ...

Obviously the Verizon Air PCMCIA card is made for a single connection (your desktop or laptop) at one time. Wireless routers are currently manufactured to obtain an internet signal from DSL or Cable. I do not know of any wireless router which can otain an internet connection from a PCMCIA card in a computer.
Unless the card comes with some special software package that enables this sort of connectivity. However, I do not think this option has been invented yet.

You will need to just use one machine at a time, or use internet connection sharing in Windows with a cross-over cable between the desktop and laptop. Which really defteats the purpose of having wireless.

Great idea, just not technologically supported...yet.

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Actually it is quite possible

by lakeffect In reply to Not sure this will work.. ...

I have the same set up on my home network. First set up the Verizon card as an ICS gateway on the desktop using the network wizard. Name the network MSHOME. Make sure to set the NIC that connects the desktop to the wireless router as the shared connection using DHCP. Don't use the internet port on the router,just plug into one of the regular ports.If the wireless router has a DHCP capability disable it. You can then share the Verizon connection on any wireless computer on the network.

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did it work ?

by susan33019 In reply to Actually it is quite poss ...

Did anyone else get this to work ?
I have Sprint express card but under manage my wireless accounts, it comes up under "dial up and VPN" , not under "wireless". so does this mean there is no way for me to use it as a network ?
I have the card in my laptop and want to send things to my wireless printer but the printer doesn't find it when searching for SSID

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