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    Hope to find a solution, in which we could automate the business processes


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    Hello, my name is Alex. I’m an employee of MassMedia Group, located in Ukraine.
    We deliver software development services.

    I’m writing to you with the hope of receiving some advice.

    Currently I’m looking for tools to automate business processes in my company.

    The number of employees has now exceeded 50, and we plan to grow even further.
    It’s getting harder to manage such a large amount of people, so we’ve started looking for tools which can help us plan, control, gather periodical work reports, and automate workflows inside our company.

    We hope to find a good solution, in which we could automate the processes of:
    sales (manage Clients)
    recruitment and HR (manage Candidates and Employees)
    software development (manages Projects)
    and manage operation tasks

    Could you please tell us about services you know of, so we could configure them in order to manage our IT company.

    P.S. We’re looking for a solution to manage the whole company, not a project management tool

    We appreciate any help you can give us.
    Thank you for your time.

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