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Horizontal "Phantoms" on Monitor

By TJNash09 ·
I have noticed lately that there are faint streaks running side-ways accross my monitor, they're actually faint extensions of say icons or windows or whatever happens to be on the screen... what should I do?

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by In reply to Horizontal "Phantoms" on ...


Monitor artifacts like the ones you describe can come from many causes:
- Poor quality VGA cables.
- Poor quality KVM switch box.
- EMF (electro magnetic field) interference.
- Monitor is simply wearing out.

Question: How old is your monitor?

Things to try:
- Replace the VGA cable and/or KVM switch (if any).
- Degauss via the monitor's internal degauss feature or an external one (e.g. from Radio Shack).
- Ensure all things that generate EMF are away from your monitor. This includes flourescent lights and electric motors.
- Try changing the refresh frequency.
- Replace the monitor.

Does this help?

When you get a chance, please respond and/or rate the answer I gave to this previous question of yours:

HDD Got Smaller

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by willcomp In reply to Horizontal "Phantoms" on ...

Most likely cause is video card. Swap monitors. If ghosting continues, then it's video card and if not, it's monitor.


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by TonytheTiger In reply to Horizontal "Phantoms" on ...

Sometimes turning up the brightness too high causes this. some monitors have color balance settings (RGB) that if adjusted too far out of whack can cause it, finally, some video cards can be adjusted via settings in their advanced properties to cause (or eliminate) this.

What to do? Try turning down the brightness to see if that has an effect. Most people crank it all the way up (probably to compensate for that stupid anti-glare screen they put on) and this drastically shortens the life of the monitor.

Next, if you can, switch out the monitor with another of similar quality and see if the problem persists. If it goes away, don't fret. There's still something you can try. Switch the monitors back. Most monitors have a menu button that lets you change things like horizontal and vertical size and position, skew, etc. Some have adjustments for color level. Before proceeding If you're not comfortable doing this, find someone who is. Go into the color settings and first write down what is there (if you're lucky there's a "restore settings" menu item). Usually Red, Green, and Blue will have a number from 0 to 100. Change these valuse a little at a time and make notice of the effect. if it gets worse, go the other way. Make the same approximate change to all three colors. If you don't notice the color changing slightly as you change a color's value, you probably have a weak or bad gun in the monitor, and you might as well replace it.

Finally, some video cards have a setting in their control panel called Gamma correction. Try adjusting this down a little and see if your problem goes away. Hope this helps.

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Similar Experience

by carlos.antenna In reply to Horizontal "Phantoms" on ...

I had a similar display problem with one of my users. The laptop display was normal, but when he used his docking station, the streaks appeared on the monitor. Connected monitor to another computer -- OK. Connected monitor directly to vga output of laptop -- OK. Bad docking station??? I cleaned the contacts and all is well. Look for connection problems.

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