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    Hotel WiFi Installer in San Francisco or Northern California


    by robert ·

    Does anyone have recomendation for installers of “Free to Guest” WiFi Hotpsot wirelesss systems. It’s for 2 50 room boutique hotels in san franciso. Could be from anywhere in the country, just really need experience dealing with 100 year old buildings and the lack of wireless penetration.

    All rooms are along a “light well” so outdoor access pionts might work, but needs to penetrate brick stucture and it covers 6 floors. The hotel tried consumer systems and boosters, but they didn’t stay connected. Need something like a Nomadix box to manage the walled garden, bandwidth limiting and a way to give out guest codes.

    I’ve called Wincom and Cenectronics for reccemendations but no answer back yet.

    I’m just helping to get bids for the owner, since this project is too big for me.

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