Hotel Wifi not working why?

By Battlereaver ·
Hey all,

I have an issue with one of my employees at a hotel with his Wireless not working properly. We have 3 people there total and 2 are not working and one is. Only differences are one is using Firefox the others are using IE.

I talked him through checking to make sure DHCP was on, obtaining a DNS, made sure he was connected to the right wifi, had him clear internet browsing history to see if there was a security page not loading. Had him make sure IE LAN settings was set to automatically detect and had it run a diagnose and they only solution it found was it said it wasn't set to auto connect to that network. I am kind of stumped on why his computer will not establish the connection it calls it a unidentified network each time he connects. He can connect to other wireless locations just fine. He has asked the front desk and they don't have an answer for him. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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Captive portals act like malware

by robo_dev In reply to Hotel Wifi not working wh ...

When a user connects to a captive portal, the server application effectively does the same thing as a browser hijack to redirect the user to a new page.

While sometimes AV software or personal firewall software will stop this from working, often the solution can be to simply allow popups in Firefox.

the 'unidentified network' issue can happen for two reasons, one is if IPV6 is enabled on the PC, and the other is if the WLAN device drivers on the PC are hosed, or if it's a Vista or Win7 box, there are all sorts of issues with upnp (network plug and play).

UPNP has security settings that can cause the OS to not allow connection to an untrusted network. There's also a service called SSDP that is part of the UPNP cluster of crud that our friends at Microsoft has bestowed upon us.

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Wireless Driver

by TheChas In reply to Hotel Wifi not working wh ...

Fully agree with robo_dev.

There is one hotel I visit where I have had to uninstall my wireless driver and install an older version in order to connect to their wireless.

Some hotels do have wireless to Ethernet adapters that you can use as a work-around.


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Reponse To Answer

by Battlereaver In reply to Wireless Driver

Thanks for the replies, problem is the guy with the issue is lets just say not computer savvy. Like walking him through check to see if it is not using a static address was a long stressful process lol. I will see if i can get him to reinstall his wireless drivers but otherwise windows firewall is off and ill have him turn off pop up blocker temporarily and see if it helps.

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In conjunction with robo_dev

by ThatITGuyTy In reply to Hotel Wifi not working wh ...

The WLAN drivers currently installed with the laptop may not be compatible the hotels access point. Find out if the hotel has done any kind of access point migrations or improvements recently if this has just started happening. Also, finding new drivers and installing them may fix this issue. If your teleworker can find out what standard the access point is at the hotel, that may help with the process of elimination.

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Hotel Wifi not working.

by alopez2569 In reply to Hotel Wifi not working wh ...

Before we all jump to conclusion. Let's analyze a bit. You said yourself the person isn't savvy. So it's very possible they are telling you what they think you want to here.

Start by testing other internet apps and using a different browser. If the other users have the same hardware configuration and the same OS, you did say the only difference was the browser, it is not likely to be a hardware compatibility issue. If the other apps work fine then he's connected and his browser security is too high. If the other apps can't connect; walk him through deactivating and reactivating the driver. There are a lot less opportunities for EUE and it is equally effective as an "uninstall reinstall" if the drivers are current.

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is it possible the Portal page is not firefox freindly?

by markp24 In reply to Hotel Wifi not working wh ...


did you have the one user that uses firefox try IE instead? (incase the hotel portal page is nto Firefox friendly? Also on the DNS settings, confirm there is nothing set in the Alternate config. Otherwise i would start looking at the Firewall settings on that laptop as mentioned in the prior posts.

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by Battlereaver In reply to Hotel Wifi not working wh ...

It never did work for him apparently. I had him use both IE and Firefox to no avail he went around the corner to a WiFi hotspot at a cafe and it worked right away so I will write this off as a freak occurrence and update his drivers for next time. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Wireless protocols maybe?

Could it be that he his laptop wireless card only supports one type of 802.11 protocol and the hotel is not running on that protocol. His wireless may not be supporting legacy stuff or if the hotel is running newer protocols only his wireless may only be supporting legacy stuff.

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