Hotmail Ads

By Wiskyeye ·
I recently had a customer ask me if I knew a way to block ads from appearing in his Hotmail or Windows Live Mail window. I never seemed to notice them personally till this was brought to my attention, probably because I use Outlook to handle my Hotmail account. Now I'm annoyed by it and wonder if there is a way to block these ads.

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If using Firefox, use Ad Block Plus free add-on

by robo_dev In reply to Hotmail Ads

you can also block lots of things with a custom hosts file, but that is more work and less effective.

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Found Solution

by Wiskyeye In reply to If using Firefox, use Ad ...

Thank you for the reply robo_dev Firefox has an addon called greasemonkey. This allows scripts to be added to the browser. I found this while doing some research on this topic and thought I would share. It works very well I added 2 scripts that block and reclaim the space the ads occupied. :) Windows Live Ad Remover and Windows Live-Cleaner Look. Hope this helps anyone with similar issue.

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Greasemonkey is neat.....

by robo_dev In reply to Found Solution

speaking of add-ons, my favorites are:

pdf download
Cool Iris
Fox Tab
Web of Trust (WOT)

At the very least, to keep a PC virus/spyware free, run WOT and NoScript.

Fox Tab is very cool (3D tabs) and Cool-Iris is even cooler (3D Desktop).

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Webmail Ad Blocker

by jasonsa In reply to If using Firefox, use Ad ...

I've been using Webmail Ad Blocker to hide and remove the space used by the ads ?

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