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    Hotmail Login


    by developr ·

    I have a user who is running WinXP and frequently uses Hotmail as a backup when her office email goes down. After loading Ad-Aware SE she can no longer login to her Hotmail account from this system. After creating a new Hotmail account for a different user, we could not login that user to Hotmail on this system either. Login works fine on other systems. The login attempt results in a blank IE screen and what appears to be a hung processor.

    Any ideas on the cause and recommended correction?

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      by willcomp ·

      In reply to Hotmail Login

      Although there are few certainties in the PC software world, I seriously doubt that problem is related to Ad-Aware SE. I have installed it on many systems and hve not seen behavior you describe.

      Are you trying to access Hotmail via web page ( or via Outlook/OE? Is MSN (MS) Messenger installed and working? Passport accounts accessible?


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      by developr ·

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      Hotmail access is through web page (IE). I’ll have to verify status of Messenger and Passport.

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      by dustyd ·

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      Does Ad-Aware quarantine show anything that looks like it should still be active?

      But, most likely is a cookie, or ActiveX component that Hotmail needs that is being blocked.

      Also check to see that IE is set to update the page at each visit, and try dumping the IE temp internet files.

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      by aum5 ·

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      Hotmail login Problem solved

      by sipraomer ·

      In reply to Hotmail Login

      I have been trying to solve the login problem of hotmail as well as yahoo. And accessing some sites like But failed. I cursed both the services alot as very important emails were to be received by me. I was depressed. Visited many forums no solution just people’s crying. But on November 23rd 2008 I found the solution.
      Congratulations. . Because by the grace of God I am a genius , Hahhaha, I have found a solution. I have recently installed K-Meleon Browser “”, And volla I have successfully logged on my hotmail as well as my yahoo account and can easily open other sites where as couldn’t login in firefox. Install this browser and you are good to go. There is no problem with hotmail and I was cursing the poor guys previously wrongly.

      I want others to post this solution to as many sites as they can. Secondly i want to give a suggestion. solution based sites should not impose registration to users. Instead they should post the comments after moderation. And firefox should solve this problem as sson as problem otherwise people will choose other browsers. I love firefox but I hate this bug which even the latest version hasn’t solved. Cheers and best regards. Omer the Great.

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        by battlestartardis ·

        In reply to Hotmail login Problem solved

        Install K-Meleon browser? Really? No. If it doesn’t work in IE or Firefox that means it is something wrong with how your computer is configured. That doesn’t mean you should download some random obscure browser. If it does work, great, fine. But seriously, fix it right, this sounds like a silly temp solution.

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      by leonid.nik ·

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      means a login wrong!

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      by pirralho_du_surf ·

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      by hope_32 ·

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      problems logging into my hotmail account

      by shivjisalima ·

      In reply to Hotmail Login

      there seems to be problems in logging into my hotmail account. What is the trouble? I was able to sign in and then sign out then when signing in again it gives me a screen for what the hell is this suppose to be. this is damn shit riduculous and as wasted my precious time.

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      i want to be member of hotmail

      by remiza06 ·

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      to be a member of hotmail

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      Be careful

      by uanimosity ·

      In reply to Hotmail Login

      E-mails sent automatically to Hotmail are unencrypted; So if these are internal company e-mails then they will be sent to the hotmail server in plain text. The only “backup” e-mail used should be an internal system.

      If she’s using the office e-mail for personal messages then that should be stopped as well.

      That being said some Spyware protectors automatically edit the host file and include exceptions according to it’s whitelist, which is different for each product. You may want to start looking there 1st.

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      by kaneka ·

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