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does anybody know how the best acesspoints for hotspots? please specify how many users each A.P can support and it's range.

also how CPEs are adviced for clients to tap from hotspots?is it wireless cards,USB adopters,PCI, or some sort of receiver antennaes on a client's pc?

please advice,thanks

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If you are setting up this kind...

Of network then (depending on the wireless router) the range will be about 30 meters (though you can extend it to 100 meters), any (computer related) connectors either usb dongle or any wireless receiver/transmitter will be able to use it (unless you lock it down with a secure password). How many connections to one hotspot?, again depends on the wireless router but you can have about (comfortable) 40 or 50, though the speed of access declines with more usage. If you are setting one up, then make sure you charge people for the access. Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Need more information

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to hotspots

It is hard to answer the questions without knowing what you are trying to do exactly. What is your business plan, even if the service is free? What kind of a budget are you thinking about?

The link below is a good introductory article with several links that might be of some help.

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