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Hottest Jobs in IT

By clark_anderson@comcast. ·
Can someone tell me what is the Hottest job in IT now days?

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How do you define hottest job?

by mrTibbs In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

the 'hottest job' for you is probably different
to my definition.
First decide which aspects of IT you like, then
focus on roles which include those elements.
Are you an excellent communicator and leader?
Does the pressure of a project deadline excite
Would you prefer to be given a written brief and
spend a few days locked away with your compiler?

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Hottest jobs

by Dr Dij In reply to How do you define hottest ...

process control computer operations in a steel mill? that's one kind of hot.

VA data analyst who takes 26 million records home to work on? that's very much in the hot-seat right now!

automated inventory managment:;jsessionid=54HKBINULW2KKQSNDLRSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=188701061&queryText=hot+jobs

SAP is still hot, various from PM, pgmr, functional analyst..

Oracle DBAs seem to be hot.

many current sites have articles training site has article
IT PMs are hot
knowing about your biz / industry area is hot.

edited to show link to global article

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What do you want to do

by jmgarvin In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

IT "hottness" depends on too many factors. Personally, I see security and data assurance heating up, but then again, that's my love.

What do you like to do, find the hot sectors in that field.

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by JamesRL In reply to What do you want to do

Find out what you love, do it, and the money will follow.

If "security" is not your passion, but you chose security because its "hot", you have little chance of becoming tops in your field and maximizing your potential.


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Taking it that this is a serious if terse request for

by j.lupo In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

help. My suggestion is that you need to start reading what companies are looking for in IT. Also, do some informational interviews with IT managers, CIOs, Network Admins, Project Managers, Developers, etc. If you go that route, you need to craft your questions very well so that you are not wasting their time.

IT still has a few very big areas, but my suggestion is that you do a little research on the topic and talk to some professionals.

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I think that what you may want to do

by Tig2 In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

Is first determine what you WANT to do and what you are willing to do to get there. What is your skill set today and how do you morph that to fit the arena that you want to work in?

For me personally, I work in an arena that is not easily outsourced. When you look at the way the industry has shifted over the past 20 years, you get a sense of how it will continue to shift.

As a generalist, you will rarely be out of demand. The downside is that most true generalists have been in or around the business for the past 20 years and are leveraging that historical knowledge to establish their roles.

No job and no pay grade are sufficient if you hate what you do every day. The hottest job in IT is the one you love.

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by Nehpets In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

Network patch panel cabling guy in a data centre with no air-conditioning in a City on the Equator....

Who says I'm cynical?

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by jdmercha In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

Can you really use IT, hot and job all in the same sentance?

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Start your own IT company

by wallowamichael In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

Then you'll always be in the hot seat.<BR><BR>
AND, if you do it right, the $$ is way better than ever working for someone else.

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Thanks! for the reply

by clark_anderson@comcast. In reply to Hottest Jobs in IT

I guess i should have been more specific. The responses given did answer my question though.

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