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    House building management


    by robertlican ·


    Is there any type of sowtfare that lets you keep track of projects like building a house. I’m building one for myself and would like to keep track of moneyflow, offers, invoices, important events… I would like that it lets me add scans of various (invoices, pictures,… ) Is there any that lets you do that?

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      by birdmantd ·

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      I cannot recommend a specific program, but just do a Google search using the topic of your initial question/thread title and you will find several programs.

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        by robertlican ·

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        well that was fast. I probably wasn’t clear before when i wrote that I’m building. I’m the future owner and I want to organize things that are happening now, keep track of this stuff. I’m printing invoices and other documents but would be nice if i could easily access files and ideas online. . I already searched for this kind of software but all of the results were for contarctors, companies that build houses. im just an future owner who would like to be more organised.

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          Let me suggest Windows

          by keesb2 ·

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          It has maps and submaps to put documents and pictures in. If you have a scanner, you can scan documents. In a spreadsheet you can keep track of money. You can even use a spreadsheet for planning: every row an activity, every column a week, and you can color all cells to reflect the status. You can store all mails in a folder or subfolders in your mail program.
          And, very important, contrary to an app, it’s very flexible. You can organize it exactly as you want.

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