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House demolished by SatNav ...

By OldER Mycroft ·
Al Byrd owns a house in Sandy Springs, Georgia. At least he used to, before a celestial computer instructed a demolition company to destroy it. The house had been lovingly built by Mr Byrd's father, and it had been home to his nine brothers and sisters, before it was flattened by Marietta bulldozers on the instructions of an out-of-town firm.

The subcontractors had been given the GPS coordinates of the property to be demolished, but their satnav targeted the wrong house.

Once upon a time, you could rely on your buddies to intervene if they witnessed such an event, but Al Byrd's neighbours went and captured it on their cell-phone cameras and emailed the pictures to the surprised owner!

*Zygote, Computer Shopper, October 2009 edition.

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holy cow

by Shellbot In reply to House demolished by SatNa ...

man..if that was my house i'd be angry in over a million ways!!!!

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Exchange Rate down again for the Euro ? :^0 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to holy cow

To be sure! :^0

To be sure! :^0

To be sure! :^0

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by Shellbot In reply to Exchange Rate down again ...


yikes..can ye imagine coming home and your dang house is gone...

major case of the wtf's

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to be

by rob mekel In reply to Exchange Rate down again ...

sure in Exchange Rates

since a low in march and an other in april, still all above 1.25 US$ to 1 ?, the Euro is now up to 1.44 US$
Let's check on the GB-Pound
Ah well slightly better; 0.85 to the Euro but coming from 0.93 in March

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Voice of Reason from The Most Stoned City on Earth ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to to be

That makes a lot of sense - MANNNNNNN !!!

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So I suppose the obvious question is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to House demolished by SatNa ...

Who gets the Bill for demolishing the house?


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Wierd idea

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to House demolished by SatNa ...

Is it possible that for a building to be demolished based on a hack?

Think about it, most of the "paperwork" nowadays isn't really on paper. It is within the realm of possibility that all of the paperwork arrives via email. A simple spoof of an address would be all that it takes.

Of course the alternative is also true, simply claim that your company was spoofed to hide a screw-up.

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Like the couple who typed 'CARPI' instead of 'CAPRI' on the GPS

by robo_dev In reply to House demolished by SatNa ...

ended up 400 miles lost in the industrial town of Carpi. Of course Capri is an ISLAND

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