House phone 5.8 ghz vs wireless 2.4 ghz interferance

By billpst ·
I note that house phones operating on 2.4 ghz will interfere with wireless networks. What about 5.8ghz interferance? Also what part do
cell phones and blue tooths have in any interferance? Note that I am a novice.

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Go the 5.8 it is newer and won't interfere

by ComputerCookie In reply to House phone 5.8 ghz vs wi ...

with your cordless headphones.

I had to change my preference from Sony to Phillips to get away from a recently purchased 2.4Ghz phone system!

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by billpst In reply to Go the 5.8 it is newer an ...

My house phones are 5.8 hz already. If I go to the 5.8 for the wireless computer connection is that going to interfere with transfer of data such as internet down loads and will the wireless computer data interfere with talking on the phone? What about blue tooth cellphone connections? Will the wireless internet interfere with talking on the cell phone or visa versa?

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BlueTooth and 802.11b are on the same frequency

by robo_dev In reply to House phone 5.8 ghz vs wi ...

So technically 802.11 b and BlueTooth (802.15) can interfere with each other to a limited extent, however bluetooth is only 1mW (one milliwatt), so it rarely interferes very much.

Article on BlueTooth Interference**1

Cell phones are typically at a 900/1800mhz for GSM, which typically won't do anything bad to wifi or bluetooth.

However, cell phones can have a pretty strong output (as much as 250mw, 1/4 watt) which can interfere with your computer speakers, or most nearby radios. When the phone 'checks in' with the cell tower, you hear a 'rat tat a tat' over a computer speaker due to interference. Never heard of this causing an issue with any PC, however.

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