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How a search engine creates revenue

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How a search engine company creates revenue ?
How to cost a IT project on what basis ?
how to bill the client in software development ?

with detail examples

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by john.a.wills In reply to How a search engine creat ...

A search engine creates revenue mainly by advertising.

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by bilwadal_roy_avion In reply to How a search engine creat ...

Revenue generation for search engines:

1. Selling of Keywords : The search engine sells to the advertiser certain keywords that they believe the searchers will use while searching for products or other things.
2. Inclusion of pages in searched list on payment : On payment of certain amount - search results will feature advertiser's page as a part of the listing. However, there is no guarantee about the rank that the page will get in the search result. There can be more than one advertiser purchasing the same keyword. The higher you bid for keywords you purchase - the higher you are ranked in the searched list.
3. Banners : Placement of advertisement banners on the page of the search engine.
4. Unit number of searchers that performed certain event : This may be a fixed amount of money being paid per searcher who clicked on a certain advertisement banner or per searcher who filled a certain form for the advertiser or even per searcher who made a sales deal.

Google and Yahoo are among the leaders of search engines in the world. The aforementioned revenue generation strategies form a baseline for these companies and they generate their own searching/ranking algorithms. Yahoo started using the click-through tracking on its pages - while Google initiated PageRank algorithm. MSN from Microsoft is another prominent search engine.

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