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How about a Funny Story from San Fran

By SkipperUSN ·
California's San Francisco Chronicle reports that two local police officers have been found acting in a movie of an "adult" nature. In the "boffing extravaganza", officer Darryl Watts,
27, who normally patrols -- yes -- the city's "Tenderloin" district, and sheriff's deputy Kelly Francisco, 29, "demonstrate a variety of full body cavity search techniques not found in the standard police manual."

It's possible neither will suffer any reprimands from their departments as long as neither wore their uniform on-screen. "Hey, this is San Francisco," one cop said. "What do you expect?" (San Francisco Chronicle) ...Two guys.

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So what.

by DC_GUY In reply to How about a Funny Story f ...

Cops and other public servants, including many at much higher levels of authority and trust, get caught doing far worse things than that just about every day. You're talking about the Paris of North America, where what these two were doing would not raise an eyebrow, and they reportedly were not in violation of any departmental policies. I doubt very much that this event will get much more coverage in the San Francisco press than it did right here.

To each his own.

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It was a funny - where was I saying anything negative

by JimHM In reply to So what.

God - DC dude - It was HA HA - Funny - A Comic Stress Relief - KICK BACK - RELAX - ITS A FUNNY STORY -

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